Meet Jeno And Jena At Hotel Jen!

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are planning to have a staycation at one of the two Hotel Jen properties in Singapore, a surprise and delight urban adventure awaits you.

Meet Jeno and Jena, the new addition to the already great teams in getting important things done well and delivered in Jen’s distinctive style. These are not your ordinary concierge but two autonomous robots to be deployed by the first brand in the Shangri-La group and also the first international hotel brand in Asia to do so!

Designed and built by Savioke and have been deployed in over 70 dynamic busy environments such as logistics, hotels, office buildings, and high rise apartments for indoor delivery, Jeno and Jena will be stationed at the hotel lobby 24/7 of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and Tanglin Singapore respectively.

The next time when you placed an order for amenities or local favourites from the in - room dining menu at either of these Hotel Jen in Singapore, you might be served by one of these unmanned and funky Relay robots that can ride elevator, make call to your room upon arrival with your order  and each is equiped with 3D sensitive sensors to avoid obstacle along its path.

Technology simply can't seem to stop amaze me!


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