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Hi Huneybees,

We had a fun time spending Halloween at Mellower Coffee Singapore. Not only were we treated to their latest "brew" - Goth Latte, we also had hands-on lessons on how to make our very own version of coffees with the Mellower Classic Coffee Bags.

First up, the Goth Latte. Being the first in unique coffee brews like Sakura and Cotton Candy, comes a new mesmerizing coffee, that's full of surprises as you stir up your drink.

Served in both hot and cold versions, this new black-ish drink consists of natural edible bamboo charcoal diffused with milk and espresso. The layers of brown, white and black being infused with marble like effects as we stir the drink up, gives the inspiration for the Goth Latte, also makes good talking points.

Thinking that it's charcoal, I thought the drink might be bitter, I even had the syrup bottle ready. But actually, the Goth Latte is nothing short in taste. The bamboo charcoal not only aids in digestion, it also brought out the fragrance of the coffee, with an earthy sweet note.

The cold version would taste better after blending the whipped cream on top, whilst the warm one is just nice as you enjoy the beautiful latte art on top.

If you are a coffee addict like me and would like to have some Mellower Coffee anytime, anywhere, go ahead and get a box of their coffee bags home. And if you are looking to make your coffee cafe-style, you can also sign up for a session of their coffee brewing workshop.

That day, I learnt how to make Iced Lemon Coffee, Iced Milk Coffee and Vietnam Coffee. My favourite is the Iced Lemon Coffee, very refreshing and makes a good tea time refresher before heading back to work. Here's a quick way to prepare the drink.

1. Put a bag of tea bag coffee into cup and pour in 200ml of chilled water, put it for 2 – 2.5 mins.
2. While waiting, slice a piece of lemon about 0.5cm thick and put it into the cup of coffee.
(Tips: Add ice cubes to personal preference and coat lemon slice with sugar, or add a little syrup, if it is too sour).

So, there you have it. With so many updates and happenings at Mellower Coffee Singapore, why not drop by with your friends for a chill out sesh? More information can be found at their Facebook Page and do check out my previous visit to Mellower Coffee Singapore too! 😁


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