Stephen Chow Has A Message With His New Mermaid Movie (美人鱼)

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Hi Huneybees,

It's the Lunar New Year and I have been busy since January and BOY! I was super excited when hubby asked me out to a date and we caught Stephen Chow's (周星驰) latest movie - Mermaid (美人鱼). Phew ~ I needed that breather but most importantly, my idol - Show Luo (罗志祥) is starring in that movie too!

As like every of his movie, this comedy had me bursting out in laughter every few seconds, causing my asthma attack right there. Yes, I must admit the CG was not the best job and some of the jokes were pretty corny and predictable, but it's those smart-aleck style of dialogue that got me reminiscing his past works.

Not only did he revamp sarcasm in the movie, it's also these 80s vintage sets and easter egg finds that references his previous movies, got me going to his movies every time he pushes out a new movie. This time. through a revamp of the lovey dovey mermaid falling in love with a rich man story, not only did he bring laughter to us this festive season, he also reminded us of a very important message.

It's a message that I've always been asking my hubby, why so much war and fighting amongst ourselves? Shouldn't our focus be on what's happening to around us? What about our environment that is dying day by day?

There has to be a reason why this movie has broke mainland opening-day records and is swimmingly doing well at other countries, coz other than my repeated mention of huge comic relief, it also made us take a look at what our growing world of technology has done to the world around us.

For money, we might do things that harm the Earth, but what if we are left with only one drop of water, one breath of air, will money still do us any good? Still think making money is the ultimate goal? 

Cameo performance from Former EXO's Kris Wu Yi Fan (吴亦凡) was not impressive and he didn't look good at all.
And why does Kitty Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮) look so much like a chinese speaking Song Hye-kyo (송혜교)?!

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