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Hi Huneybees,

I've been mad crazy trying to slot in spring cleaning amidst the falling-sick-days, not to to mention all the decoration and shopping for the ingredients to whip up those Chinese New Year dishes. My weak back's not helping and with hubby out to work overseas, I was screaming out for help!

There's only 1 pair of hands to get so many done and the thought of having to lug all the heavy groceries back home, whilst crunching down on time, I knew I had to turn to Honestbee - a new on-demand concierge grocery delivery service, to help with it and lighten the workload.

It was definitely easy, breezy and took just 20 minutes to get my grocery chosen online and have a personal shopper do the rest for me! Yes! This Queen Bee has her very own shopper bee and deliver bee doing the grocery shopping for her this festive time!

So, all I have to do on my side is to log on to their website -, punch in my postal code and a selection of stores will pop up on screen (according to your location) for me to do my grocery shopping. 

I made a few selections from NTUC and I can have them delivered to me the next day, at the time slot I selected. But something to note! Before I checkout my items, I picked replacement options for some of my items. That is for your shopper bee to take note if they could not find the product I wanted and there is a $2 off if you choose replacements for at least half of your items. 

Here's how the replacement screen will look like.

Then, go ahead and do your other chores and your groceries will be at your doorstep the next day. Ain't that easy?

So, for this article special, I made a trip to tag along my shopper bee to see how the shopping and selection process goes about to get my order ready. That's why the next day I got my camera all ready, to meet up with my shopper bee outside NTUC.

It's a challenge for the shopper bees coz they got to know the layout of the hypermarket as they are only given around 2 minutes to search for the items and round up the buying fast to ensure that the groceries arrive at your doors fresh.  

Some CNY goodies to grab.
Every item is checked and made sure the best from the lot before they are put in the shopping basket.


So, whilst shopping, the brand of mushrooms I wanted was sold out, my shopper bee called me and gave me a few options and suggestions. We agreed on the replacement and she immediately keys it into her shopping list to notify me of the change. The power of technology eh?

So, when she is done, the supervisor will make the last round of QC to ensure that the shopper bee has gotten the right items and check them for any defects. Once the items are accounted for, they are scanned and packed into the labelled Honestbee shopping bags.

Well, job well done and it's time to pass it on to the deliver bee.

Check out this cute yellow bee ride, you definitely will be able to spot it on the road!

Ta Da! The groceries arrived on time, everything grabbed and delivered in under 45 minutes; and it gave me (hehehe... or rather my mom) ample time to prepare the CNY dishes she was going to whip up for us that night! Thanks Honestbee!!! 

Next round was the cooking and my mum was teaching me the family recipe of the "Fa Cai Hao Shi" to bring the family "prosperity and good fortune" in the Year of the Monkey. "Fa Cai" is a type of fungi that looks a lot like shiny black hair, and its Chinese name sounds just like "prosperity" in Chinese; whilst "Hao Shi" is dried/preserved oyster, which sounds like "good things".

We also cooked Abalone with Veg and Steamed a fish all for good tidings as abalone is a luxury that you must serve on your table during CNY to show good fortune and fish in Chinese is called "yu" which has the same pronunciation as the word 餘, which is "remain or surplus", 'having leftovers of money', an increase in prosperity.

Hungry yet? Let me cute mummy in the Honestbee apron show you how to prepare the "Fa Cai Hao Shi".

1) Wash and soak the mushrooms over night.

2) Wash and soak the dried oysters for around 30 minutes, till it softens.

3) Fry the dried oysters in oil till golden brown.

4) Then add in the mushrooms.
5) Add in oyster sauce for flavouring
6) Pour in the water that the mushrooms were soaking in till it covers the mushrooms and oysters.
7) Put the fire to medium and let the pot cook till the mushroom softens. (You will have to keep adding in the mushroom soaking water while waiting)

8) Stew it for around 45 minutes before adding in the Fa Cai, stir the dish and it's ready to serve!

I'm so glad to have found Honest bee for they really helped me cut down the workload and I love that I don't have to break my back from lugging all the groceries. Of course, you can even have your crates of mandarin oranges or other daily necessities delivered by Honestbee!

And here's the fun part! For you my Huneybees, use this code HUNEYBEEHB to get $5 off min $50 spent when you shop with Honestbee! Be quick as it is limited to the first 20 readers only! 

 Psst, you can even start shopping for Valentines' Day and get your lovely gifts delivered to your loved ones on time and hassle free! :)

About honestbee
honestbee is Asia’s leading on-demand concierge and delivery service for all your household and grocery needs. Available in Singapore and Hong Kong, we typically deliver to your doorstep on the same day. Simply choose from the widest online product selection and place your order in a few simple clicks. Our trained concierge shoppers will then handpick your groceries for you, from the same grocery stores and brands that you trust and love.

Social Mission: honestbee’s social mission is to create sustainable job opportunities for all individuals who are looking for more flexible working hours. Our goal is to provide extensive skills upgrading and training, and to create equal employment opportunities for everyone in our communities.

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