Celebrate the good old times with Sinalco Special and Kickapoo this Chinese New Year!

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Hi Huneybees,

Yipee! This Year of the Monkey calls for a touch of nostalgia as we take  a “sip” down memory lane this Chinese New Year with the nostalgic beverages we have grown up with since our childhood. 
POKKA, Asia Pacific’s leading food and beverage group, has gone retro with two of our favourite classic ready-to-drink beverages and tapping on the nostalgia of yesteryears, Kickapoo, a unique blend of citrus-flavoured carbonated soft drink is given a new retro feel while Sinalco Special, a distinctive and memorable flavour many Singaporeans grew up with is back on our shores.

I've been a fan of Kickapoo since my dad introduced it to me, but Sinalco is definitely my first time trying. I love the fruity flavour and once I had it out on the table, it was already snagged up by my cousins who told stories of their younger days whilst enjoying the drink. I love how these drinks can bridge the generation gap and give another meaning for harmony and social interaction this festive season!
Kickapoo Joy Juice
Before becoming a popular drink among Singaporeans, “Kickapoo Joy Juice” was actually a beverage drunk by the characters of American comic strip “Lil Abner”. In the comic, cave dwelling characters Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe who live in the fictional village of Dogpatch invented Kickapoo Joy Juice - a liquor of such stupefying potency that the hardiest citizens of Dogpatch, after the first burning sip, rose into the air, stiff as frozen codfish. A new version of the drink was then produced by Monarch Beverage of Atlanta with Singapore and Malaysia being the lead countries to launch the product in 1966. Today, Kickapoo is one of the most popular citrus flavoured Carbonated Soft Drinks brand in the region thanks to its superior taste and that kick!
Sinalco Special
This iconic beverage has truly been missed in Singapore with consumers and retailers voicing how much they would like the product to return to local stores and F&B outlets. Established in 1905, Sinalco (a combination of the Latin words: “sine alcohole”, which means “without alcohol” in English) is the oldest non-alcoholic beverage brand of continental European origin exported to more than 150 countries across the globe. A unique composition made with four different fruit flavors to create a unique taste, Sinalco Special provides an unparalleled drinking experience and is an all-time classic which many Singaporeans grew up with.
“Sinalco Special has been providing thirst-quenching refreshment to Singapore residents in the past, thus it is not completely unknown to the likes of 80s kids (and older). The reintroduction of our brand to Singapore is a special moment in its 110 year history. We are happy to have found a strong, reliable partner in Pokka to bring back the joy of this once popular beverage” --- Mr Mongi Goundi, Managing Director Sinalco International Brands GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
The launch of Kickapoo and Sinalco Special will be highlighted by limited edition anniversary designs of cans and bottles that have a unique and retro styling. Both Kickapoo and Sinalco Special are now available at most major supermarkets, hypermarkets, and coffee shops across Singapore.

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