Samsung Reveals All New VR Experience With GALAXY S7, S7 edge and Gear 360 Camera

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Hi Huneybees,

Gathered this early morning is the revealing of the much discussed new Samsung GALAXY S7 and S7 edge. With their new and upgraded functions, comes a whole new experience and this special experience could only be fulfilled with the Samsung Gear VR.

This was not the usual launch LIVE Streaming launch, but one that involved VR experience, where I got to be fully immersed in the whole conference as though I was right there in Barcelona! Now, where's my popcorn?

VR, short for Virtual Reality is the new IT thing. Videos have already become such a norm, it's time to upgrade and get transported into this new dimension with the Samsung Gear VR (which we have already seen in previous launches) and to support 360° video taking, there's this new baby - Samsung Gear 360 Camera!

Left: Samsung S7 / Right: Samsung S7 edge

I'm gona leave you with this intro video whilst I go catch up on my beauty sleep for I'm gona attend the official Singapore launch of these gadgets, get to know them more, so that I can share more with ya. Stay tuned!

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