[Tried & Tested] My Must Get M.A.C Product For Fall/Winter 2015

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Hi Huneybees,

Before I was whisked off to Australia, I managed to check out a new launch by M.A.C Cosmetics. This is for the ladies who are infatuated with lip colours and are looking for a fully pigmented lip gloss.

Named as Vamplify, there are 16 electrifying lip shades to be paired with 12 shades of lip pencil color. There was suppose to be a 17th shade - She-Rebel, but sadly it didn't make it into the Singapore market. WHY?! I was super amped about this blue shade and rushed down to the store early morning only to find that it is not launched here!!!

For Fall/Winter 2015, lip gloss is back and with the Vamplify shades, you can forget about that sticky feeling and it is no more just a top coat for your lip sticks! It has the opacity of a liquid lipstick, the sheen of a gloss, and the texture and staying power of a traditional lipstick. After swiping each stick, I'm seriously considering throwing out my lipsticks in exchange for these babies.
There are nude shades to shocking colours and I was really taking a super duper long time to decide which shades to get... Well, here's the swatches of the Lipglosses (which I might have missed out a couple in the midst of the mess) and Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil, hopefully, that will help you decide on that purchase faster...

In addition, the long and wide doe-foot applicator provides ample coverage in one swipe, while the tapered tip allows you to draw a precise line around the perimeter of your lips. It's basically like a glossy lip liner and I've been using them on my Australia trip. You can wear them alone or have them as a colour changer on top of your lip sticks. 

Little Miss Mischief
What's Going On?
How Chic Is This?

Modern Drama

Oh and did I mention that they are very moisturising as well?! Whenever I go to a cold climate country, my lips would chap and hurt by the third day, but this time round, my lips didn't even crack and I didn't even have to use my lip balm!
I think they should make the Vamplify lip glosses their permanent line, but before that is happening, you better be heading down to the M.A.C counters today as they come in limited quantity and won't be staying here for long!

Here's leaving you with my looks with Little Miss Mischief, What's Going On?, How Chic Is This? and Modern Drama, each emoting a different feel for different trend...

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