5 Things To Prepare For STGCC 2015 Tomorrow

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Hi Huneybees,

Are you all set for STGCC tomorrow? I can't be there as I'm currently overseas, but from my past experience, here's something to share with you and get you prepared for tomorrow...

1) Better plan your route and know where your targets are before stepping into the grounds. This is the show floor map and be sure to grab a copy of the STGCC 2015 Programme Guide before you enter the convention hall to note down stage sessions & signings  you want to attend and do check out the STGCC Lucky Draw Kiosk!

2) Every year, you get limited, exclusive and new products at STGCC and 95% of the time, the items are only available in a very limited run. This year, there is even a special site where talented artists residing in Singapore will be presenting an array of memorabilia in celebration of Singapore's Golden Jubilee -  exclusive SG50 custom Munnies by Tell Your Children, Keh Choon Wee, Ong Ean Keat of Keatopia, Mas of Wanton Noodle, Ziqi of Monster Little and Caramelaw A.K.A Sheena Aw will be available for bidding at a silent auction at STGCC, where all proceeds raised will go to child welfare organisation, Club Rainbow. Other Exclusives & New Products list, click on the link...

3) There's gona be tons of photo opportunities at STGCC and you would want to be capturing these precious moments - the gargantuan Hulk vs Hulkbuster installation, 1000% Jiang Shi BE@RBRICK guarded by an army of 100% clones, selfies with your 'idols' at the Walk of Fame & the inaugural STGCC Championships of Cosplay, the lists goes on. So, you better be charging all your power banks tonight and bring them along to ensure you're always on 100% phone battery life!

4) And if you are looking to meet your idols at the Walk of Fame, you better be bringing the canvas boards, posters or related merchandises to get them autographed. Don't think the artists will be happy if you were to be appearing with tissue paper... =P

5) Ok, last but not least, to ensure that you get the things that you want, you better be sleeping soon so that you can be there when the doors open on Saturday morning at 10am!

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