Domino's Pizza New Cheese Burst Crust Pizzas Are Bursting With Fiery & Smoky Cheesy-ness ~

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Hi Huneybees,

It's dinner time! What's on my dinner menu tonight? 

Domino's Pizza's latest addition - the new Cheese Burst Crusts Pizzas!

When it comes to cheese, I really cannot control myself. I can have cheese 24/7 and well, that's also why at the Domino's Pizza launch party of the new flavours, I was named Cheesy Christina. (Hey! I'm no corny or lame, just a little rat who loves nibbling on cheeses).

For the avid Domino's Pizza fans, you might have already seen these new additions. Combining the top selling and favourites of Singaporeans, the all-new Chilli Cheese Burst Crust and BBQ Cheese Burst Crust, features 2 layers of the Crunchy Thin Crusts with a big helpful of cheese in between. 

If you are a spice girl, go for the Fiery Chilli version, or if you are like me, who prefers the crossover between sweet and tangy, go for the Smoky BBQ version. But I guarantee, both versions will leave your taste buds bursting in cheesy goodness!

The Chilli Cheese Burst Crust features crushed red chillies sprinkled over a layer of creamy cheddar cheese sauce, where the chilli enhances and brings out the cheese flavour more. As for the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust offers smoky BBQ sauce drizzled on top of the creamy cheddar cheese, definitely for those who likes strong flavours.

The Chef's recommends the pairing of the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust with Cheese Pepperoni, The Big BBQ and Classy Chic, while you can pair the Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Hawaiian Paradise, Chilli Chicken and Very Veggie.

But of course, when paired with the different toppings, you get infinity combinations to "tickle" those taste buds of yours. I tried having the Hawaiian Paradise with the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust and it was another kind of pleasure too! Combined with the pineapples and ham on top, the BBQ brings out the sweetness and freshness of the pizzas! Domino's is really living up to their assurance of providing 'More Variety, Same Price'.

Through this whole birthday week, I've already introduced these pizzas to my friends and have also been indulging on these pizzas, it's so fun to see what combinations everyone comes up with! It's definitely more fun when you have more orders! And don't forget to add in some game play while enjoying the pizzas!

At the launch party, well, we bloggers had to do an impromptu performance with bells to create a jingle for these 2 new flavours. Which jingle you liked best? Hehehehe...

Psst, and as part of the Cheese Burst Crusts campaign, you will get to enjoy even more variety at huge savings with the new Cheese Burst Deals with the purchase of 2 pizzas!

From only $27.00, the meal comes with 1 regular Cheese Burst pizza and 1 regular pizza and enjoy an extra $2.00 off when you order online for take away!

For the bigger groups comprising of 6-8 pax, from only $40.00, the meal comes with 1 large Cheese Burst pizza and 1 large pizza, and also enjoy $5.00 off when you order online for take away.

Bear in mind that Domino's Pizza has always pride themselves as the Great Pizza Service Tracker for online ordering, letting you view the status of your orders while on-the-go. You can even pre-order your pizzas 7 days in advance without extra charges while planning for your parties! 

Domino's brings 4 key unique selling prepositions to their customers and with 19 stores islandwide, you can definitely find that store to your convenience! For more information, go to

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