Singapore’s First Sustainability and Design Show for Eco-Lifestyle Consumers

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Hi Huneybees,

With the increasingly unpredictable weather pattern and the numbers of natural disasters occurred around us, life on Mother Earth will only get rougher for everyone in the near future, and more so for our generation after, if we continue our way of life to unintentionally hurt the planet that hosts us.

While many might point to governments or international intergovernmental organizations like United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth, etc. for not doing enough to stabilize the climate through cross borders agreement or treaties to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, we as individual are too to be blamed and could do more collectively to help.

Every small effect counts. Be it the act of switching off the light when you leave the room or not leaving handphone / battery pack to charge unattended throughout the night, these not only help reduce your household raising electrical bill but also directly (collectively as a nation) reduce volume of natural gas been consumed at the power station, hence the reduction in greenhouse gases emission.

Another way is being habitual in consumption. It's about choosing Eco-friendly products over those non-biodegradable one. One such example is to buy bio-plastic tableware or even those made out of corn/Yam (aka Corn Ware) over traditional one made of pure plastics and Styrofoam. Granted it might cost you or your organization more in expenditure but its an investment (on Mother Earth) for us and our next generation that we must not forget!

There are more to be learnt at the inaugural Green Living 2015, Singapore’s first sustainability and design show, where the focus is on meeting the needs of eco-conscious consumers and businesses as well as raising the awareness of adopting an ‘eco-lifestyle’ to the public. 

Do drop by to participate in the many exhibits, workshops, activities and the marketplace of eco-friendly products from:

Friday, 4 September to Sunday, 6 September 2015
10am to 8pm
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre
 Hall D

Have a great Eco-friendly weekend!

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