It Was All Fun At My Little Pony's Friend-Tastic Picnic Party!

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Hi Huneybees,

It has been a fantastic Saturday afternoon yesterday, on 27th June, all thanks to Twilight Sparkle and all her friends for their Friend-Tastic Picnic Party to share the magic of friendship in Singapore!

Located at the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Grand Lawn 1, for one day only, Bronies and Pegasisters with their families and friends were all invited to embark on a magical adventure where they conquered My Little Pony Quests, celebrated the Magic of friendship, and brought back among others, a pony photo memory home.

There were a total of six Pony Quests to be completed by Bronies and Pegasisters. Upon each quest completion will entitle the participant a cutie mark stamps on the issued Pony Quest Card to qualify for a lucky draw to win Product Hampers! Here were the description of each of the Pony Quest:

Twilight Sparkle's Golden Oak Library 
Spell the names of the pony and her element of Harmony

AppleJack's Sweet Apple Acres 
Pick up 5 apples from the crate within 30 seconds

Raindow Dash's Cloudominium
Run to the end of the rainbow rail to pick up a Raindow Dash toy figure and return to the satring point


 Pinkie Pie's Sugercube Corner
Help Pinkie Pie prepare some cupcakes for the picnic party

Fluttershy's Cottage
Mix and match 5 animals to correct animal footprints within 30 seconds

Rarity's Carousel Boutique
Enjoy a makeover to match your favourite My Little Pony , get your hair and nails done and try on one of the temporary tatoos

For those who had conquered the Pony Quest, they were treated to All-day screenings of everyone's favorite My Little Pony animation, complimentary Pony Sweet Treats and the exclusive chance to meet and took picture with My Little Pony characters!

What a magical afternoon this has been! Can't wait for the next My Little Pony event!

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