[Tried & Tested] Be Sweet Like Candy With Models Own SWEET SHOP Collection This Summer ~

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Hi Huneybees,

It's time to kick up a notch this summer with colourful, fun nails that smells amazing. Instead of your usual nail polishes that reeks of chemicals and with that smell lingering throughout the house you wouldn't want to have any guests over.

Models Own latest addition - SWEET SHOP, brings candy right to your finger tips, literally! Imagine having the fragrance of Pear Drops, Cola, Custard, Liqorice and Gumballs, every time you raise your hands! I bet everyone will be hungry for you your fingers. Hehehehe!

5 special nail polishes inspired by the bestselling childhood candies to bring out that playful, fun side of you for this season's hot weather. Say hi to:
  • Pear Drops - A vibrant coral scented with pear drops
  • Fizzy Cola Bottles - A neutral beige-brown scented with cola
  • Rhubarb and Custard - A dark red scented with rhubarb and custard
  • Liquorice Allsorts - An opaque black scented with liquorice
  • Gumballs - A hot pink scented with bubblegum

I love that Scratch N' Stiff sticker on the top, that reminds me of the those stickers I used to buy and paste with my other sticker collections! My favourite is the brightest from the collection - Pear Drops. Its bright coral tint with small, shiny glitters, reminds me of the starfishes you can find on the sandy beach. 

And as usual, Models Own nail polishes are highly opaque and easy to apply for long lasting manicures. Simply with 2 coats, I have sweet, smelling, cheerful nails! :) 

Nails taken without flashlight.
Nails under flashlight.
Adorable colours right?! You have got to get yourself these SWEET nail polishes and they are definitely great addtions to your collection. The Models Own SWEET SHOP nail polish collection is available at aLT@BHG, John Little Plaza Singapura, Robinsons JEM, selected Guardian, Watsons and Sasa stores, retailing at $14.90. Have a great summer time! :)

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