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Hi Huneybees,

BEAUTY, a word that is widely used and a goal that all ladies work full time for. What is beauty? Is a person with great figure a beauty? Au naturel is beauty? Or do we really require cosmetic surgery to be a beauty?

We are faced by so much media promoting models and celebrities in digitally enhanced photos that seem so unattainable, but the truth is, when you take away their make-up and fancy hair styles, those same people actually look “ordinary”…normal…just like you!

Chez Vous salon is here to liberate you from trying to live up to the unrealistic standards and make you start loving yourself and start believing in #therealme ! Wake up to feeling good, and looking good, make yourself shine with confidence! You don’t have to be a supermodel or top actress to look amazing.

As part of Chez Vous salon's 20th anniversary campaign, they are here to shout out to all women to discover their natural beauty and celebrate #chezvousbeautyisreal by allowing you to learn to love yourself more and to realise your full beauty potential. Beauty is attainable and very much within your reach, you don’t need a photoshopping session to find #therealme. 

It’s time to discover The Real You! Do you really need to PS your photos to be pretty or simply with some tips on hairstyling and makeup, you can be that pretty too?

So, what would you choose – a makeover session or a photoshopping session? As shown above, beauty is very much within your reach and you can achieve your amazing look through a real experience. No airbrushing and no digital enhancements, just your beautiful self, #therealme . #chezvousbeautyisreal

So, wana learn how? Ready for a makeover transformation? Say YES!

At Chez Vous salon, you don’t have to be perfect; they will just help you to discover your own look, with the full guarantee of no photoshopping and no digital enhancements. This is a journey of positive transformation and all you that is required is you! #therealme

In an unprecedented move, on the 7th June 2015, every woman (regardless of age and race) will be given the opportunity to experience a full makeover session when they visit Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City.

Every customer is guaranteed no photoshopping and no digital enhancements, just pure pampering bliss. This will be a journey of positive transformation that is real and will hopefully change how women perceive true beauty. While there are no restrictions on the number of people entering the salon, the sessions will be subject to the availability of beauty consultants.The complete makeover session will include:
  • Tips and tricks by a fully qualified beauty consultant
  • Hair wash, blow-dry and styling
  • Professional make-up
  • Professional photography (photos may be used for Facebook posting and other social media opportunities)

So, be sure to pen the date down on your calendar and be early!

For more information:
Address: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, 05-05, Singapore 238872 Phone: (65) 6732 9388
Email: emailus@chezvous.com
Website: http://www.chezvoushair.com

About Chez Vous Salon

At Chez Vous, their shopfront are regularly transformed by Singapore’s design personalities on the rise. And with this high standard of upkeeping their appearance, of course, an impressive team has be there for their customers.

Applying the “OHDA” (or Only Hair Directors Allowed) policy, only Associate Salon Directors, Directors & Chief Directors, with minimum 10 years of experience are hired. Many of the stylists were previously salon owners, academy trainers, leading stylists or salon managers and there's even a Caucasian Specialist Team that caters to different hair types.

Their special "Expertligent Fix You Programme" puts the Chez Vous’ team of directors another an initiative that will receive any customers who have had unsatisfactory treatments or cuts at other salons and redress any damage done. Armed with a team of experts in various disciplines, Chez Vous is more than well equipped to fix and repair sub-optimal results of hair services such as colouring, cutting, straightening, perming, bleaching etc. Of course, this is just one of their initiatives taken to be always helping their customers hair woes.

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