[Travelogue] Falling In Love With The Cherry Blossoms In Seoul

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Hi Huneybees,

In the last few months, I have already been to Seoul 3 times. But the trip last week was the most fulfilling one as I have finally seen the beauty of Cherry Blossoms right before my eyes! 

Though at the mention of cherry blossoms, alot of people would immediately think of Japan, but in Seoul, it is as equally well visited during this season, but with lesser people shuffling, allowing more time to enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Ain't this a lovely background for wedding photoshoots?!
The weather was great and as I walked along the Yeouido Park (여의도공원), little petals of cherry blossoms fell and swept with the wind against my skin. It was a really beautiful and romantic sight to be dating and spending quality time with your loved ones and snap lovely photos with them!

Being Seoul's largest island, Yeouido island is regarded as the "Manhattan of Seoul" with tall buildings surrounding the park and throngs of business suited up men and women bustling about. The island is not home to only Korea’s largest banks and financial services companies, but also to its major broadcasters and global brands like LG.

These 2 towers are the LG twin headquarters.

The name “Yeouido” means "useless island” due to the Hangang River’s frequent floods during the Joseon Dynastyrelegating Yeouido Island to pasture land and peanut fields.See the wide spacious roads? That used to be airplane runways! Japanese colonial authorities built Korea’s first airport here in 1929, but it, too, succumbed to the Hangang. It was promoted to be such a huge financial, political and broadcasting world only in 1970, when a bridge was built to link Yeouido to the mainland. 

Other than finding Cherry Blossoms within the park, you can also cross the street to this installation shown below and walk along the Yeouido Hangang Park , you find even more cherry blossoms trees. Just slow down your pace, enjoy the weather and see those lovely flowers, all the stress and worries seem to fade off...

Other than just Cherry Blossoms, along the way there were also other colourful and rarely seen flowers as well. It makes the whole summer so bright and cheerful, what better way to celebrate a new season than flowers in their brightest bloom to welcome us?!

To celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms, there was a festival ground for us to explore and along the way, there were people doing street paintings, selling some of the traditional korean tidbits as well as people hanging out at the park with their friends and families, enjoying food, riding bicycles and flying kites. 

Just a tiny planet of the park in panorama...

Even I also couldn't resist the temptation of getting a bright pink candy floss specially for some pop of colours whilst taking some selfies. It felt like back to childhood days when I would take walks with my family to check out those special festival markets... :)

OK! Gona leave you with more photos of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. According to my friends, the flowers have already mostly dropped, such beauty is so short lived! I'll definitely be back next year and I must bring a photographer along! Hehehehe....

Did you guys manage to catch the Cherry Blossoms as well?
Do you like them too? 
I was told the koreans preferred the autumn leaves though, what about you?

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