Say 'Hi' To The Year Of The Goat!

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Hi Huneybees,

How was your Chinese New Year celebration? It's back to work day and here I am sharing some of the photos of what I have been up to. You guys would have already seen my makeup and OOTD on my Instagram, but other than that, it's pretty much just some gathering with friends and family.

This Goat year, things were a little different. Because of my brother's case, I kinda had to step back from CNY celebrations (but then again, who has the mood to eh?), not really celebrating CNY, simply treating it as my everyday dinner and just a normal get together.

Though the decorations at home were mostly prepared in the beginning of January, but the putting up of decorations chore fell on hubby's shoulders. So, my usual DIY style had to be postponed till next year, but I must say, he did a good job eh?

My favourite buys have got to be the super adorable goat cushions, the light-up lanterns above our gate ($5 from TYPO!) as well as the goat family decoration above our sofa, their body is made with fur! :)

Though most of the decorations were store bought, hubby still added his own touches to them by added the hanging tassels and the only thing I helped out with is the hanging bag of garlic. It is pronounced as '蒜' in Mandarin and sounds like '算' (calculate), which brings to the same meaning as having money to calculate all year round = more money! :X

Other than getting the house CNY ready, we also made a trip to go about Chinatown for some photo snapping. Hubby being his photography fanatic made the special trip down to soak in some of the festive mood. I must say every year, Chinatown has been doing a great job in putting all the CNY decorations up, but the hanging coins seem a little familiar (if you can remember, last year was the same coin lanterns...).


We also did a little walkabout to check out the stores, before we headed onto the overhead bridge for a bit more photos before heading home. :)

So, what did you do on your CNY break? Hope you guys had a great time and have gotten quite abit of ang bao-s! And if you are interested in knowing your fortune for this year, maybe you can check this out --- I normally will read it and use the pointers as an advice as I get on by through the year, I still believe in making your own path. :)

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