[Movie Review] Fifty Shades Of Grey.... Such A Disappointment

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are planning to catch Fifty Shades of Grey this Valentine's Day, hoping to steam things up a little in the bedroom with a little romance and spanking. You might want to think twice (unless the lady is a huge fan of Jamie Dornan, then go ahead!).

The trilogy books of Fifty Shades of Grey had gotten tons of attention when the books were launched, and so it was on my must-go list when I heard that the book was to be made into a movie. Despite all that have been happening at home, I thought it was good to go catch a good movie to stress out.

But I walked into the cinema with so much excitement, only to walk out in disappointment. What I have visually imagined whilst reading the books was definitely far more interesting then what was displayed on the movie screen.

The first scene to set the love story was already a turn off for me. Though Jamie Dornan have a hot bod, his looks totally didn't work for me. He didn't have that electric eyes, take-me-away look when he turned over from behind his work desk. Maybe coz I'm biased but seriously, Ian Somerhalder would have done a better job.

That interview session between Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan) was of no appeal to me. They were suppose to have met for the first time and have taken each other's breath away, but seriously, both of them were holding back their feelings and you could see that they were acting with hesitation as though for fear that their actual lovers in real life were there behind the scenes giving them the disapproving, stern looks.

As the story unfolds, that love and attraction was not there at all. It is so obvious that were not in love and being forced to be put together to act the scenes out, there was no chemistry at all. Not to say the movie has also left out so much details, where was the hesitation that Anastasia had? She seemed to jump at the moment BDSM was suggested to her. Her fear and holding back, didn't seem to portray very well.

But the biggest disappointment had got to be the sex scenes. Thinking that audience might get a little too excited, some America's cinemas have even taken up the precautionary measure of placing plastic covers on their seats, but I think that is totally unnecessary.

Though it was said that Singapore will get the uncensored R21 version, I must say the sex scenese were so little and so fast. Yes nudity was quite a bit but hmmm, where's the BDSM? There's no force used at all during those scenes, you know it was just a light slap, as though a brush against the skin. I would say, nothing over the top, not too kinky and definitely a snoozefest. Seriously! Watching Billie Piper in the Showtime’s “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” TV Series was so much more what I would have imagined the movie to be like.

Well, this is my feeling after watching the movie. I would have rather you guys spend Valentine's Day reading the books together and leave the imagination to get things steamier in the bed room. Basically all there is to see is already shown in the trailer, I think the money for the movie tickets would have allowed you to purchase better presents for Valentine's Day. I'm gona rate this movie 1 out of 5 stars and think twice to catch the sequels...

Fifty Shades Of Grey is now showing in cinemas islandwide and if you have not read the books, here's a synopsis of the movie... 
Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), 21, is studying at Washington State University. She takes a writing assignment for the school paper to interview Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a 27-year-old successful and wealthy entrepreneur. Although she finds him intimidating, she's instantly attracted to Christian.
He later shows up at the hardware store where she works part time and buys cable ties, masking tape and rope. They begin a relationship, but beforehand, he asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement forbidding her to discuss anything that they do together. She learns he's into BDSM and he then asks her to sign a second contract consenting to dominance and submission and tells her their relationship will not be romantic.

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