I LOVE DURIANS!!! - Durian Mobilisation 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Here I am revealing me weakest link - DURIANS! I can never resist anything with a durian topping and whenever it is durian season, you will be finding me hoarding basket-loads of durian home to enjoy with my family.

So naturally, you will find me at the Durian Mobilisation 2014 at Telok Ayer Green Community Centre! This year, hubby and I joined 350 people enjoying the "King of Fruits". Everyone sat together to share their stories of when they had durians, shared interesting stories and it was a lovely lead up to building friendships and bringing the nation closer together!

The event was co-organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and prominent food blogger Dr Leslie Tay, of ieatishootipost.sg. Now into its seventh year, and fourteenth edition, the durian degustation was first started by Dr Tay in 2008 to help durian lovers gain a deeper appreciation for the different varieties. This annual gathering has since grown into an event where firm friendships are  initiated  as  durian  lovers come  together  to  taste,  learn and  share their stories and opinions about the fruit.

Beneficiaries from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund were invited to join in at the event and enjoy the durian feast with the participants. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity organisations Goducate, which is a non-profit that seeks to provide  a  better  life  for  needy  children by  empowering  them  with  education,  and Prison Fellowship Singapore, a charity  that  runs programmes  to help prisoners and ex-offenders, as well as their families.

There were 2 varieties of the durians to be eaten that night - the buttery Mao Shan Wang  猫山王 and the fleshy D24. Every durian was opened, checked for quality before being served to us, all thanks to Ah Seng Durian.

The Mao Shan Wang is named after Gua Musang town, the main fruit trading centre in Kelantan, Malaysia. The cultivar is originally from the town of Tanah Merah, also in Kelantan. The texture of thick Mao Shan Wang flesh is rich and creamy, sweet to the palette and it is easily identifiable by the characteristic brownish 5-arm "starfish" at the base of the Mao Shan Wang. The arms warp around the base of the durian and run up to the middle of the shell as if it is trying to hold it together tightly.

This young Jedi has leanrt the art of opening and sharing the durian...

Whilst the D24 durian on the other hand is has a stem shorter than a Mao Shan Wang, greener shell on the outside but the flesh is a paler yellow shade. The seeds are big and the light, fluffy texture that can be likened to low-fat margarine. It may taste a little bitter, but it also comes with a tinge of sweetness to balance things up.

Well, durians can make your body constitution heaty, so it was lovely that they even arranged for mangosteen for us to counteract the effect. Another way if you don't want to have sore throat the next day, simply drink water from the durian shells you can even add a dash of salt to go with it.

And a last tip for those who don't want the durian lingering "fragrance" on your fingers, you can simply use the durian seed as a soap and wash those fingers in the water filled shells as well. See, that's how useful and tasty the "King of Fruits' is!

If you have not tried durians before, all I can say is "WHY NOT?!" You have got to try it and I bet you will fall in love with them like me! So here's leaving you with more photographs from that evening...

For more information, please visit www.kindness.sg.
You can find Ah Seng Durian at BLK 20 Ghim Moh Market, #01-197, Singapore 270020.


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