Enough Of K-Pop, Back To Mando-Pop

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Hi Huneybees,

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I'm having a such a K-wave headache these days. Everywhere I go, every turn I take, K-pop music is playing. It's kinda not so fun when you shop with music that you don't understand eh?

I agree that the K-pop singers are adorable handsome and pretty but this foreign language and its wave is getting on my nerves. Though the songs are catchy and dance-y, half the time I don't understand what they are singing, so I was like "OK! Enough of K-pop! It's time to go back to my roots!" 

And that was when I was horrified by the Mandopop scene! Starting with my favourite idol - Show Luo 羅志祥everyone has been saying that his image in the MV of 愛投羅網 is copying the likes of popular K-pop singer of G Dragon of Big Bang. Not just him, there's more! 

Will Pan 潘瑋柏 is looking more and more like Taeyang and even the always known as the sweet, pretty face singer Cyndi Wang 王心凌 is now looking sexier, a little too much resemblance to Hyuna?! Even her latest MV - Baby Boy, was a tad too much like Hyuna's Bubble Pop/Ice Cream?

ARGHH!!! Luckily, there are still those that stuck to their own style, with displaying their vocals as the main target. These are some of the new song releases in the recent few months and one of my favourite has got to be Miss Ko and Khalil Fong 方大同. Their songs are so original and they have both brought in some of their Western influence into their songs. I find that is then the right amount of cross culture and not total copying!

So, well here's leaving you with some my recommendations, including our local pride - Stefanie Sun Yan Zi  孙燕姿 and Kelly Poon Jiali 潘嘉丽, check out those legs of Kelly! Hope you guys like the songs and if you have another more to recommend, do comment!


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