Catching The Breathtaking Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse On Its Opening Night In Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

It was great joy as I caught Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse on its opening day. It was beyond my imagination with its beautiful play on fast and slow beat action with an affectionate play on human and horse interaction. Although there was not much story between each scene, the picturesque setting was enough to take my breath away....

From the moment the lights come on, the pair of white horses come running out amidst the multiple horse toys on the ground, you are already on a visual journey to see how human interact with horses through the countries and era. 

This hybrid cross show of acrobats/aerialists in spectacular costumes, a live band, a vocal powerhouse female singer together with 50 horses with beautifully choreographed story against a constantly changing digital background projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen, seduced me and kept me on the edge of my seat. 

It was exhilarating as everyone cheered the acrobats on as they challenged gravity defying stunts, as well as for the horses as they galloped like the wind and  responding to their riders. One interesting fact is that the show revolves around the horses, even the music played by the live band reacts with the horses actions. 

They are free to express themselves and being trained through the Liberty style, their riders can communicate with them through body language, leading and positioning them in a creative and bonding way. No 2 shows are the same and each experience is unique. 

I have a few favourite scenes, one being the one performed by Fairland Ferguson.  She stole the show as she performed daredevil acts while balancing on the backs of horses multiple galloping at full speed. Little known is that this inspiration behind the animation Brave’s Princes Merida was told that she couldn't walk again when she broke 46 of her bones (including 23 to her face, eight ribs, both arms and both legs) on break from university falling 25m from the top of a cliff at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

This scene was nerve wrecking as different horses come out from 2 opposite directions as their riders play a games of scarf throwing and picking up. The riders would get down whilst riding their horses in different positions to pick up the scarves on the floor, giving the term fast and furious a whole new meaning!

Another favourite has got to be the last few moments when the sun sets and the mountain comes into play, the white horses, ridden by riders dressed in soft flowing costumes, lined up on the stage and gallop around as though it’s a walk into J.R. Tolkien's world of Elves on their playful break with their horses, as a pool of water magically fills up to sand pit, creating such a surreal visual sensation....

It was such a spectacular show and the connection between Man and horse is simply magical. I shall leave you with a short snippet of what to expect during the show. Do come on down to this White Theatre Tent soon to catch Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse!

Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse
Venue: Under the White Theatre Tent, at Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands
Dates: 12 Aug - 14 Sep 2014
Times: Tue - Fri: 7.30pm | Sat: 2pm & 7.30pm | Sun: 12pm & 5.30pm
*No performances on 13,19 and 26 August 2014
Duration: 2.5 hours (including 20 minutes intermission)
Tickets: $58, $88, $98, $148, $188, $208, $248 & $288 (excluding booking fees)
*To buy tickets, visit
- 10% discount for MasterCard Cardholders [Valid from 1 Jul 2014 till 31 Jul 2014] 
Applicable for Cat 5 - 9 only and for Tue - Thu & Sun Matinee only
- S$141 (Cat 5), S$111 (Cat 6), S$73.50 (Cat 7) for Family Pack - Buy 3 Get 1 Free! 
[Valid from 4 Jul 2014 till 31 Jul 2014]  Applicable for Cat 5 - 7 only and for Tue - Thu & Sun Matinee only

Founder Norman Latourelle together with his team of Cavalia Performers

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd is the Presenting Sponsor of Cavalia and you can read more about it here ---

My close up experience with the stars of Cavalia can also be found here ---


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