Adidas All 24 Event (Day 2)

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 *Warning: heavy image blog entry below* 

Hi Huneybees,

Here's Day 2 of the Adidas event. I've been overseas, that's why there's this big gap in between.

It's super crowded when I arrived the next day.
Skaters waiting for their turn to skate.

Check out the Graffiti wall! So much has been done overnight!

It was DJ Kinetixc turn on stage.

Guest design on sneakers.

Now, let's look at the final shoe designs after a night and day.
Constellation by Elisa Koh.
Dance by Celine Ong.
Passionate Devils by Catherine Kwa.
Mosaic by Ivan Loy.
Un-named by Steven Horsono Tjokrokentjono.
Sweet Velvet by Esther Ou.
And the winning shoeswas done by Bryan Chia. For me I think the design win hands down. I fell in love with it the moment I arrived at the "All Fashion" design platform. I would definitely buy it if it's made. I guess you guys would agree with me?

The designer is very much influenced by comics and superheroes since young and it has been his passion. He drew on foam pieces to create dimensional B&W background for the characters to pop up.
The display of Watch designs.
From left: Hockey Pockey! by Steven Horsono Tjokrokentjono, Passion Overload by Kenneth Wong, The Burning Passion is in Your Hands by Derrick Lee, Dance is in Me by Celine Ong,  Passion's Pride by Ann Sim.
This one I liked in particular.. Guess is the 3D effect that caught my eye. It's called Flaming Hot by Nur Faekah Bte Rosmani.
Can you guys guess who's the watch winner by now? Let me tell you the winning prize: Winner gets to walk aways with $1000 worth of vouchers from Adidas and Fossil and and AND the BIG BIG BIG prize is that, the watch gets to be produced and be put on racks for SALE!!!

I shall keep it in suspense for now and let you guys look at more pictures first.

So I went on for some tattoo while waiting for the results to be out.
Looking very much like the surgeon's table.
The process of airbrush tattoo was quick and easy.
Lucky I had this cute as ever baby to make faces with while queuing for my turn to tattoo. The last pic is his fashionable sister who had her tattoo done too.
Sun is setting.
I got on done on my leg.
Red is the true colour.
And I had a blue one on my neck area.

Dance Hip Hop Lesson by Danz People.

Best trick on Fun Box Competition.



DJ Paul T's turn to spin on stage.

This cute little girl was spotted playing on the soccer field.
Arrival of the hosts, Kui Jien and Sarah Tan.
Couple checking out the designs.

Free-style Football Showcase by Urban Street Team.
Announcing the winners.
Winner of the watch design: Passion Overload by Kenneth Wong.
Grabbed a picture of Catherine Kwa, who created Passionate Devils.
I received a  surprise when I was overseas. Stay tuned to my part 3 of this blog. If you want to be notified, you can subscribe to my blog on the top right or simply link to my Facebook or Twitter on the top left! :P

Christina aka Huney

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