🍕 Uncomplicate Your Cheese Cravings With Pizza Hut's New Cheesy 7 Pizza 🍕

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Hi Huneybees,

Calling out to cheese lovers, Pizza Hut has launched a brand new cheesy addition to their pizza range; 7 molten kinds of cheese 🧀 topped on their pizzas all the way to the edge of the round delightful dough.

Hot on the trail of the improved Pan Pizza recently, Pizza Hut Singapore continues to usher in affordable everyday luxuries in "Your Slice of Simple" journey, with the new Cheesy 7 Pan Pizza. 7 best-loved cheeses from Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands (Swiss Emmental, English Cheddar, Italian Parmesan, Dutch Edam and Gouda, Italian Mozzarella, and English Cream Cheese) mixed with the alchemy of heat in the oven brings a heavenly ecstasy onto my taste buds.

Pizza Hut prepared a delight for me and I got to try out the new Cheesy 7 Pizza before it was launched in their restaurants. Came in a Big Variety Box was my Cheesy 7 Pan Pizza paired with Pasta, Chicken Tenders, Honey Roasted Wings and Cinnamon Breadsticks in a Big Variety Box version. 

I shared the Pizza and snacks with hubby and family members. Burping stomachs full, we can't help gorging on the cheesy pizza, pulling on the cheesy strands, having slice after slice. I like how the crust is baked to crispiness with the cheese topping and every bite is filled with cheese, I even forgo the cheese flakes, which I normally "flood" my pizzas with. 

I've already had another round of the Cheesy 7 Pizza at their restaurant and if you are a fellow cheese lover too, note these Cheesy 7 variants as they roll them out in 2 phases.

  • From 26 July to 12 September, Cheese lovers can enjoy the Cheesy 7 Pizza available in Original, Hawaiian and Chicken Pepperoni variants.
  • From 13 September to 7 November 2018, Cheesy 7 Pizza will be launched in a new variant - Meaty Medley Trio, and Cheesy 7 Original will still be available.

Below are the deals they are running for it...

Regular 9” Cheesy 7 pizza are available for dine-in at $23.50 and delivery or takeaway at $25.50. Large 12” Cheesy 7 pizza are available for dine-in at $29.50 and delivery or takeaway at $33.20.

Enjoy your cheesy delights and do share which is your favourite flavour.
I can't wait to try the 2nd phase flavours...


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