The Sephora Playhouse Was Disappointing

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Hi Huneybees,

So, it's Sephora Singapore's 10th Anniversary and they have created a First Beauty Playground on the grounds of Ngee Ann City for 10 days. The moment I was sent an invite for it, I already 'choped' for my slot and was looking forward to it. 

From the way Sephora described, I was thinking this might be sort of like a Beauty Con, where you get to see and buy exclusives, perhaps even meet and greet the founders behind the brands right? But right from the moment I arrived, Sephora fans and I were disappointed already.

We were told to reserve a session right? I did but I still had to queue upon reaching. If not for being a Gold Member, I wouldn't have gotten the 'fast pass' queue. So, what's the reservation slot for?

Also, we were told we can bring 4 friends along to the Playhouse, but what's troublesome is that every single of you have to download their Sephora App to be allowed access, that's why there's a hold up at the queue. It feels like a recruitment drive to achieve more app downloads and this could actually be easily resolved just allowing me access by flashing the app and my friends (in this case, my hubby) be tagged with a coloured paper strip on the wrist right?

From the map it looks like there's lots of activities in each brand's booth, perhaps play with their products, get a makeover, get introduced to their brand and perhaps somehow score yourself some samples. Isn't this a great opportunity to gain customers?

But no, what happened at most booths are just photo worthy backdrops, which you have to queue up for. Except for the Sephora Collection booth, you can get a lip makeover; or at Fresh booth, where you can get introduced to their mask range and be advised what's good for you. The only best thing you can get complimentary Strongbow Ciders and Evian Mineral Water.

The other times you want to hopefully win yourself some products or samples are only during the workshop where hopefully they hold a lucky draw like what Too Faced did, or when you leave the Playhouse, you get a lucky dip...

For the workshops and supposed meet and greets, there's not even a schedule shared to let us know what time each brand will be presenting. I checked with the staffs at the entrance, they were unsure too. It's only minutes before they begin, then they will announce who's on stage next. Which in the end, alot of the attendees just end up sitting on the bean bags provided, not letting up the seat for others.

I was all ready to have my wallet bleeding by the end of the Playhouse, but when I was there, the products at the Retail booth was a letdown. Only Too Faced and Estee Lauder was clever to prelaunch their Peaches & Cream range and Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream respectively. The rest were items not selling fast in stores or just leftover Sephora merches. 

Isn't this the best time to be selling exclusive vault sets or even just Sephora Playhouse collaborative products? You know like during San Diego Comic Con, you can only get SDCC exclusive figurines, in special shades etc, making a nice collective to reward their die-hard fans right?

All in all, I think the Sephora Playhouse is just a nice place for you makeup fanatics to hide from the sweltering heat and have some nice Insta-worthy photos with your BFFs. I hope if Sephora were to have another Playhouse, maybe they can take in some of my pointers. Ok, I'll end off the post with my photos at each booth, my vain vain time...

Benefit has the most people queuing for photo session, but note, the ice creams that matches their popular shades are for purchase, not for free sampling...

My favourite? Kat Von D and Too Faced of course! I'm so extreme right? Hahahaha!


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