Melt The Heat Away With Leeu SG's Merlion Ice Pop

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Hi Huneybees,

When it comes to Singapore representing food, one might think of Laksa and Hainan Chicken Rice, now we have a new iconic dessert to call as ours too! Something to cool down in the sweltering warmth comes the Merlion Ice Pop and Esplanade Ice Cream by Leeu SG.

So, the Merlion Ice Pop (S$4.80), is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (Of course right?!) and just as its name is a patriotic Merlion shaped strawberry and vanilla-flavored ice cream on a popsicle stick. It is not overwhelmingly sweet and reminds me a lot of strawberry cheesecake slurpie style!

My favourite ice cream would be the Esplanade Ice Cream (S$11.80), inspired by Singapore's durian shaped building - The Esplanade, where Leeu SG resides. Instead of being on a popsicle stick, this special ice cream comes in a pie crust base and it's made from fresh durian and shaped like one too!

Leeu SG - which means “lion” in the South African language of Afrikaans is the baby of husband-and-wife team of Jenn Wei Yeo and Valerie Liu. Leeu SG's creations are carefully hand-crafted using top-grade ingredients and are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency throughout.

Aside from the 2 mentioned signature items, another eye-catching item on the menu is the strikingly pink and blue hued Fish Tail Soft Serve (S$6.80). You can choose from plain or charcoal flavoured taiyaki (fish tail) base - that has mochi inside, making it so chewy and yummy to pair with the soft serve on top. What's special is the blue ice cream. It is made from the trendy health food - Blue Majik. There is a very subtle hint of saltiness, that I find goes well with the sweet, warm fishtail bite base.

If you are looking for some thirst quenchers, Leeu has also a variety of milk or soda-based ice cream floats (S$6.80). 

A mini sample version of The Purple Fantasy

The Sentosa Breeze and The Red Dot features fizzy fruity soda base topped with soft serve; The Zouk-Out Cure has a yuzu lemon ginger soda base that can shake that hangover from last night; The Purple Fantasy is a taro smoothie served with the most adorable sprinkles on top of the soft serve, whilst The Old Timer is pandan milk topped with beancurd instead of a soft serve. It definitely brings back loads of childhood memories as well as a ton of Asian flavour.

In celebration of Leeu SG’s official opening, all visitors to the store can enjoy the signature Merlion Ice Pop and Esplanade Ice Cream at promotional prices: the Merlion Ice Pop is available at S$3.80 (U.P. S$4.80); while the Esplanade Ice Cream is available at S$8.80 (U.P. S$11.80). Unicorn floats are also available at $1 with every drink purchased!

Leeu SG
Address: The Esplanade Mall, #02-07, 8 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039802
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm daily
Instagram Page: @leeusg
Facebook Page:


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