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Hi Huneybees,

I always have a dilemma when it comes to whether to cut my hair or leaving my hair long, as weather is always warm, having long hair would require me to keep tying up my hair. Tying hair with conventional rubber bands or hair ties sometimes gives me a headache if I were to tie too tight, or pulls on my hair when I release them. It's always such a heart pain whenever I see hair strands pulled out along with the rubber bands...

If you have the same problem as me, I might just have the solution for you - the invisibobble® Hair Rings! They are these coiled hair rings that reminds me of telephone wires and no only do they tug at my hair, I can also simply create volume to my hairstyles. Watch my video below and you can see how easy it is to use them and why I prefer invisibobble® as compared to the cheaper alternatives in the market.

invisibobble® is from Germany and has already been distributed in over 70 countries, having won an award for 50 invisibobble® original hair rings sold every minute by Cosmo Beauty Awards 2014

The hair rings can easily be washed if dirty, does not absorb perspiration as you exercise, thus making them hygienic and anti-allergic. What's best is that no matter how tight you tie your hair with them, they leave no tied traces behind and can easily retract back to it's original size by hot water!

The invisibobble® hair rings are available in 4 models - Original, Power, Nano, Slim, and in several colour options. If you are curious and keen on doing more difficult levels of hair styling, you can go to and see the video tutorials.

What I have and used for the video above is the Original in Pink, Slim in Chrome Sweet Chrome and Nano in Nude. Each of them have their special functions and my favourite one is the Slim one. It's soft blue chrome is so beautiful and if you look closely, it's as though there are little diamonds within the hair ring.

And what's best, you can wear them on your hand as though a bracelet/ring, use them when required. I'm definitely invisibobble® converted and will head out to get more colours to match my outfit. If you are keen on these hair rings too, they are available in BHG stores islandwide (except the Seletar Mall branch) and selected SASA stores as well as online at

Hope you guys will like this little recommendation and have an amazing weekend ahead! ­čśÇ


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