Get Your Bling On At The Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and that cannot be denied! I love my blings and I'm excited to tell you that the Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) is coming to Marina Bay Sands Singapore from July 3 to 6, 2014. This year, not only the girls will get pampered, it's also time for the guys to get their bling on!

SIJE brings together leading local and international jewelers, manufacturers and suppliers to showcase a truly spectacular trove of jewelry, gems and accessories to both members of the trade and the public. Against a backdrop of the beautiful Singapore skyline dramatically set against the water and the sky, the 2014 event celebrates the theme, ‘Jewels in Color’ inspired by the colorful, beautiful and exquisite display of jewelry from around the world. The show focuses on the latest trends on jewelry crafted in the beauty of gold, white, yellow, rose, purple and black, and encrusted in the widest range of precious stones of all hues. The vibrancy and glittery of the show pieces will be complemented by an exciting line-up of event highlights including two jewelry fashion shows.

The organizer has worked tirelessly for twelve months to commission some of the most exquisite and affordable jewelry from jewelers from all over the globe, for buyers here in Singapore. They range from S$59 to S$8,000 and are crafted by some of the most talented jewelers from Italy, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and more

One of the highlight has got to be the exceptionally rare 50.55 carats white diamond. Luxe jeweller DeGem will be featuring this amazing 50.55 carat white diamond with sparkle and brilliance, nicknamed as ‘The White Fire’. It is certified D color, the highest possible color grading for colorless diamonds and is almost flawless with very, very slight inclusions that go virtually unnoticed, and possess no fluorescence at all. The cut is of finest proportions, allowing the diamond to display spectacular fire metrics with a balanced and cohesive sparkling pattern.

The cushion cut is regarded as the original cut for faceted diamonds, and remains one of the most beautiful and endearing cut for diamonds till today. Many of the most world’s most famous and important diamonds are cushion-cuts, including the blue Hope Diamond (45.52 cts), the Regent Diamond (140.5 cts) and many of the Cullinan diamonds. Although cushion cut diamonds are becoming more popular again, it is estimated that only 5% of diamonds in the market are cushion cut. In addition to its already impressive list of stats, the White Fire has been examined and determined to be a Type IIa diamond, a class of diamonds known to be the world’s most chemically pure.

Amongst the tons of rare, natural, colored gemstones, you can also find the exquisite pair of diamond earrings in White Gold from IVY Masterpiece. The S$1 million dollar earrings are made up of a cushion cut 10.03 carats Fancy Intense Yellow diamond, a 2.07 carats white cushion diamond, a 8.05 carats white cushion cut diamond and a 2.02 carats yellow cushion cut diamond.

Pink diamonds were the hottest color for diamonds in 2013 with two record-breaking specimens selling at auction. In April 2013, Christie’s New York sold the storied ‘Princie’ diamond, a rare 34.65-carat pink Golconda diamond, for US$39.3 million, the highest price ever paid for a Golconda diamond at auction. Six months later in November, Sotheby’s Geneva sold the ‘Pink Star’, a 59.60-carat oval-cut Fancy Vivid pink diamond, for US$83.19 million, setting a slew of new records, a world record price for a diamond, colored diamond or any jewel sold at auction. You have got to check out the rare 5-carat pink diamond that's priced at USD350,000 from jeweler, Yuli Inc.

There will also be a series of talks by industry experts on gemstones, jewelry, fashion and trends. Industry experts include Dr Ahmadjan Abduriyim, GIA Laboratory and Mr Gautam D Goradia CEO/MD, Hayagriva Software for Safety Enhanced software COM-SUR. And the opening ceremony will be graced by Guest of Honour, Dr Lily Neo, Member of Parliament, Tanjong Pagar GRC. 

So, be sure to hop on over and have your pick! :)

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) is happening at:
Marina Bay Sands Singapore Convention Centre Halls (3 to 6 July 2014)
Exhibition Hours:
11:30am to 8:30pm (July 3, 4 & 5)
11:30am to 7:00pm (July 6)


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