Huney'Z World's Exclusive Coverage Of Addy Lee's "Hair-ific" Journey "Addy 重新出髮"

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Hi Huneybees,

OMG! Celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and CEO of Monsoon Hair Group has been going on a journey to experience the hair cultures from all over the world in the latest programme - <Addy 重新出髮>. Huney'Z World has the privilege to share with you thee exclusive behind-the-scenes footages.

He is currently doing his China stop and today he's at the 4th stop - Shanghai to chat with a 85 years old barber who set up shop by the roadside for 70 years already. Despite the rain, filming still went on and from these exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos, he is definitely having lots of fun. 

Addy got a haircut and he was very impressed by it. He even wrote this together with a video he posted. "Addy重新出髮,拍摄第四站(上海)来和路边85岁老师傅有70年的剪发经验来学习他的手艺,师傅剪我头发只要10分钟,就把我变帅了"

He also visited his Monsoon branch at Shanghai, wrapping up his trip to Shanghai before heading off to Ningbo, Hangzhou, JiaXing, completing his China journey. He will be travelling to other countries as well and where would it be?


Follow Addy on his journey to pick up new set of skills as he chats with barbers and hairstylists from all over the world! I will be updating more and if you are on Weibo, go add him @Addy_Lee工作室!

Photo/video credits: Addy_Lee工作室


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