Wohoo! I met my idol - Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

18th January 2013 is a day I call "Jolin Day". I got to meet my idol Jolin Tsai (Mandopop Star) twice that day and I must say thanks to Rémy Martin! It was definitely VVVVVVIP view for me!!!

The leading global luxury cognac brand Rémy Martin held their finale of the regional dance competition here in Singapore Marina Bay Sands. And I was at the Art Science Museum early for the Press Conference.

Hosted by Jamie Yeo and Dominic Lau, we were introduced to the judges and the individual dance crews who were for the showdown that night.

From left: Mr Katsuyuki Ishikawa Japanese breakdance artist, Mr Xavier Desaulles - Managing Directior of SEA/Middle East India of Rémy Martin International Pte Ltd, Mr Sheikh Haikel - Singapore's "Godfather of Hip Hop" and Miss Ho Ngoc Ha - Vietnamese singer-superstar. 

Sheikh Haikel and  Katsuyuki Ishikawa did a little performance for us. Sheikh Haikel did a little beat box rapping whilst Katsuyuki Ishikawa performed his outstanding dance moves.

And the much anticipated entrance of Jolin Tsai herself. Everyone rushed up to grab her pictures and I did my best to get close too. She looked so gorgeous in her diamonte gold/red dress and sparkling red pair of super high heels...

Presented by Rémy Martin, this regional dance competition showcased the passion, talent and ingenuity of dancers from across six countries –- Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Since August last year, Rémy Martin has been staging high-profile competitions in the region in search of the most outstanding dance crews to represent their countries in the final showdown pitting against each other for the grand title of Asia’s Best Dance Crew and a cash prize of US$10,000.
The teams were....

Team Swarup (India)
Katoon Network (Malaysia)
The Zoo Thailand (Thailand)
Krump Pinoy (Philippines)
S.I.N.E. Crew (Vietnam)
Radikal Forze (Singapore)
Wana know what's the results? What Jolin has to share or what Remy Martin secrets to share? Stay tuned to this blog as I will be posting the video taken during the press conference.  

More photos can be viewed at my album here.


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