SILOSO BEACH PARTY Welcomes 2013 With 19,000 Party Revellers

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Singapore, 1 January 2013 – The last day of 2012 might have begun with cloudy skies and pouring rain but that did not stop the 19,000 party revelers from ushering in the New Year in style at the Siloso Beach Party, the largest annual beach countdown party in Asia.

Braving the light drizzle which threatened to dampen spirits, party-goers from around the world descended on Siloso Beach in their bikinis and beach wear earlier this evening. With an air of undeterred optimism, the annual event saw visitors from near and far, including   George Gernez, 31 years old, who made this event the highlight of his trip. 

Gernez, a German national who arrived with four other friends explains his rationale for making the trip down. “We heard from friends who came last year that this was the place to be on New Year’s Eve so we decided to spend our New Year’s Eve at the beach. Besides the music, we like the laidback and relaxed beach setting which is one of the perks of the Siloso Beach Party – being in an open space. This is our first time here and we’ll likely be back again next year as well.” 

Back for the fifth year with bigger and better attractions, the Siloso Beach Party boasted an impressive line-up of 28 local and international disc-jockeys who spun a mix of mashup, trance and electro-house music across five different party zones. The Main Arena, with two separate stages, proved to be a popular hangout as famous female deejays such as, DJ Shy and DJ K-Sly, served up some heart-thumping beats which kept the crowd on their toes.

Apart from the Main Arena, party goers could also choose from choice locations such as COASTES, Wavehouse, Azzura, as well as newly opened Mambo which offered attendees a multitude of different beats and tunes which suited party-goers like Gay Wei Zhuang, 25, who enthused, “It’s a really good set up! We like the fact that we can choose to party at different areas which offers different kinds of music. But the Main Arena is our favourite as it’s more open and spacious”.

The highlight of the party was the ever-popular foam pool, which featured in the annual countdown event. This year though, party organisers elected to up the ante by designating the area, a perennial favourite, as awet party zone’ which meant that foam pool enthusiasts could enjoy their very own line-up of DJs and acts. The move thrilled returning Siloso Beach Party goers who gave his experience at the foam pool ‘two thumbs up’.

“The foam pool adds a different dimension to the New Year countdown as far as parties go – it’s something that’s unique to the Siloso Beach Party. But having the DJs spinning right in front of us (at this year’s event) was certainly something we didn’t expect! It was an unforgettable experience which made all the difference. It was like a mini-party just for us. We didn’t mind getting wet at all”, said Abdul Ashraf, 21 years old, currently a student who attended the event with seven other friends.

As the clock struck twelve, a blaze of pyrotechnics captivated the audience as they signaled the start of 2013 with a bang. Fireworks which were timed to the joyous tunes of the New Year, burst into the sky in a myriad of colours and designs, grabbing the attention of many as cameras flashed rapidly to capture the moment. 

Friends and strangers alike wished each other a Happy New Year with an exchange of drinks and handshakes, accompanied by many well-wishes and smiles. 

However, the night was still young. With specially organised performances and street acts peppered throughout the 1.2km beach, the 19, 000 strong crowd was kept in high spirits, ensuring a high octane and enthusiastic welcome of the New Year.

As many said their goodbyes to 2012, the Siloso Beach Party offered up a fitting welcome for 2013. Party goers like Thomas Rupp, 30 years old, who was already looking forward to next year’s Siloso Beach Party, said, “It’s been a blast, we will definitely be back again next year.”

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