Be early for Red Bull Flugtag on 28 October 2012!

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Hi Huneybees,

The Red Bull Flugtag, organized by the Blue and Silver Red Bull, will be happening on 28 October 2012, 12pm at Siloso Beach. Do go early to get prime views of the event! And don't forget to gather your friends and family for the fun fun event!

All About Flugtag

Red Bull Flugtag challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot home-made flying machines off a 6 metre high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder…or more often, plunging into the waters below. Flugtag (pronounced floog-tag; noun), which means “flying day” in German, pushes the envelope of human-powered flight, but competitors need more than airtime to reach the podium. Teams are judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft, and showmanship.

This criteria has inspired flying tacos, prehistoric pterodactyls, winnebagos with wings and even Snoopy and the gang to grace the Flugtag flight decks! Since the first Red Bull Flugtag took place in Vienna, Austria, in 1992, more than 100 Flugtags have been held around the globe, attracting up to 300,000 spectators for a single event.

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Bull


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