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Hi Huneybees,

I was at the Customs House Pavilion over the weekend. A pair of complimentary tickets all thanks to Jeanine Gabrielle!

So, I brought my sis along with me for some girl-y time. We had our massages, drinks and shopping experience all in one with the beautiful scenery by the bay. Totally pampered and we get to bring goodies home!

Here are some pictures to share with you guys ~

Arriving at the venue.
It's right next to the Fullerton Bay Hotel. 
 Spotted a restaurant that I might consider for V'day?

Check out the wonderful waterfront view.
Shopping with this beautiful scenery. Who would resist?!
 The One Raffles Financial Area.

 How do they even clean the buildings/windows?

 The part that used to be Clifford Pier.

 Goodie Bags and drinks were served.

And cookies complimentary of Obolo. I'm super in love with the Earl Grey-Currant ones.

 Then I was "caught" by a Mary Kay representative to try out their Lip Masque.

 See how bright and pink my lower lip is after the masque? Dead skin all gone!

This is the Lip Masque and Lip Balm that I tried. Considering to get them man...

The crew from Heat Branding and photographer. The DJ was wonderful spinning music for the day.

 Then we kinda waited for our drinks. Who knew bars could be made portable and for rent eh?

 The selection of drinks and the friendly waiter/waitress.

 You can choose to have beer.

Or the wonderful cocktails that they serve.

 We chose the wonderful alcoholic "Virgin Cosmopolitan".

 Grabbing a shot with Sis before we head for more shopping time.

 A 5 mins massage from Bliss/Sephora. Totally relaxing...

Vedure's there too for some nail pampering. I just had mine done, so gotta skip it...

 Then we were contemplating which Soyato ice cream to have??

 Then we decided to get the Rose and Chocolate flavour after much persuasion from the sales-"boy".

 And what's better to end the shopping spree with a nice cold bottle of Mineral Water from San Benedetto?

Christina aka Huney :p

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