Moët Love Graffiti Party @ Stereolab

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Hi Huneybees,

How was your Valentines' weekend? Mine was booze, booze, booze and more booze!
I started with the Moët Love Graffitti Party by HEAT Branding at the Stereolab (Pan Pacific Hotel).

Click pic to go to their FB page.

Moët & Chandon launched their new Moët Rose drink in hot pink bottle just in time for the Valentines' Day & I was invited to the party for fun! Pictures were pretty badly taken. Guess it's time for me to invest in a new digital camera where the smoke machine in clubs doesn't affect my pictures.... :P

Hanging around Marina Square before the event.

A pic before drinking and red face pops up.

Then, we headed into Pan Pacific's lounge for some picture taking.

 Little red lanterns hanging along the hotel's entrance.

Hmmm, sounds fun right?

 This is the little Arc De Triomph to be signed on.

 The words projected on black wall of seating area.

 I just caught this little pink light whilst walking in and out of the disco.

 Scribbling is the style of the new Moët Rose Bottle ad.

 The rates for opening a bottle.

 We left our mark on the "Arc De Triomph".

 Love the marker! I almost grabbed it home...

 A shot of us before the drinking begins.

 Love love love the wall deco.

 Design of the DJ corner.

 TA DA! The drink we've been talking so much of.

Booze and pretty lady. Who can resist right?

 The friendly DJ for the night.
Honey from HEAT Branding meets Huney.

I got to give a big thank you to HEAT branding for inviting us down. And to all my readers, go get yourself a bottle. It's such a sweet drink to share with your partners, your friends and come on! Hot pink bottle!! It'll definitely get everyone chatting already ~

Pssst... There's a little cocktail recipe shared here: Think I'm gona try it next time...

Christina aka Huney

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