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Hey Huneybees!

I'm back on Huney'Z World. New terms for my readers and  followers. You know like how people living in Singapore are called Singaporeans, students of NYP are called NYP-ians? Well, I have one too. Everyone is Huney'Z World are called Huneybees! So now you know eh?

So, back to the topic. I was at the "Beer Market" on Clarke Quay the other day with my sis and fiance. It was my first time there and it was a pretty interesting place to hang out after hard day's work. So why call it "Beer Market"?

 The entrance.

 The logo and slogan.

At first, I thought it's like a place where you get a variety of beers like a market, where you get to choose which type and from which country's beer you wana get, but well, I was only right half. You do get a selection of beers, but prices are like stock market, they rise and fall every 30 mins.

 The deco in bar. Non real time. Just a pic.

Our drinks for the night.

What I mean is 30 mins before, your glass of beer could cost you $4.00, but 30 mins later, it could cost only $3.50, then another 30 mins later, it could cost you $4.20. Fun right? Not only you get a place to chill out with friends, you get to be busy to catch the glass of beer you wanted at the cheapest rate!

 The price 30 mins before.

 The price 30 mins later.

Moreover, you get to listen to the live band perform and on Wednesdays, you get the popular Jack and Rai performing!!!!

They have programmes almost every night.

 Jack & Rai (EIC Singapore).

Wonderful performance.

I'm definitely going down for beers again, what about you? Let's go together? :p

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