New Year = New You?

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Hi Huneybees,

Welcome to 2011! This year always seemed so far fetched when I was younger and futuristic movies at that time tend to refer 2011 as the "Jetsons" period. But well, everything still seems normal, no cars flying yet...

So, for the New Year, what have you listed down in your New Year Resolution to-do list? I guess everyone's pretty standard like mine, more money, more

money and more more money eh?

I have another one though; (which I hope everyone do too) leading a healthier lifestyle!
Everytime I hear the news report saying the rate of people suffering from heart attacks, high cholesterol and diabetes are getting higher and higher. And also, vain me wana lose some weight to look good for my BIG wedding day!

So here's what a balanced diet is all about:

There's also a new habit that I've picked up in between meals, instead of snacking, I turn to eating cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, they help in stopping the hunger and it's definitely healthy pinching. They helped me pass motion much much easier.

Another thing that I'm planning to try out are the Acai Berries.
Acai Berries
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Research on the Acai berry has focused on its possible antioxidant activity. Theoretically, that activity may help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress such as heart disease and cancer.

But as to where to get them and how to eat them, I'm still doing my research. Anyone care to share me with?

So, cheers to the new year. Cheers to a healthier new you and me!


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