To market, to market.

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Hi guys,

I couldn't get to sleep and decided to drag my man out of bed and we went to the Chong Pang wet market for breakfast. I haven't woke up so early for ages and marketing seems like a brand new experience for me again. But by the time I was there, aunties and uncles have already piled the place full.

Food were already selling fast and some sold out! It was pretty chaotic, messy and noisy, but for once, I liked what I see and hear. I was like a little kid that just "landed" in Disneyland~

Here are some pics of what I seen, it might seem normal to you, but it's something new that I wana share....

Bright colours for a bright morning...

More fruits.

When did HMV set up stall in market? :X

Heading towards the "eating" side of market.

What to eat?

The sinful food. They're cheap and delicious!

The "Mian Zhang Kuehs" come in several flavours here....

So guys, here's a little of what I saw today. I do hope to explore the wet market soon. Let's see when I'm gona wake up early. :X

In the meantime, why not wake up early for once and experience something new before the new year comes?

Christina aka Huney

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