Looking Forward To LG x BTS Upcoming Smartphone

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Hi Huneybees,

This year is gona be a very exciting year for LG fans and BTS ARMY fans! 

Having ranked 25th position in ‘The 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® Rankings', outperforming Google, Apple, and Samsung in the annual consumer survey of 100 most visible companies in corporate value and brand awareness; LG has teamed up with today’s hottest K-Pop boy band - BTS and they will be starring in a series of TV and social media campaigns for LG’s mobile products, beginning with the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone!

This is LG's most ambitious and wide-reaching outreach campaign to date and both LG and BTS will collaborate on a diverse marketing campaign that reflects the uniquely colorful personalities of each of group’s seven members. The campaign will highlight the band’s talent, attitude and relationship with its fans, the very qualities that LG hopes to bring to its upcoming products starting this quarter. 

LG Electronics' core mission of enriching lives of consumers all over the world, securing its reputation as a brand that truly touches hearts with its diverse and sophisticated portfolio of innovative technologies. They are constantly challenging boundaries with state-of-the-art technologies that often takes the lead across product categories, such as the world’s best-selling OLED brand since 2013, the Global No.1 Selling 21:9 Monitor Brand for 12 straight quarters from 2013 to 2015 and being the market leader ranking Global Number 1 Selling Home Appliances Brand (Excluding China) for washing machines.

Pairing with BTS, the first K-pop artists to crack the Billboard Top 10 and perform at the American Music Awards. It's like match made in heaven!

So, whilst fans are getting hyped up and comparing over their all-black hair looks #BTSBlackHairParty, I'm definitely looking forward to what special LG x BTS merchandises there will be, especially those endorsed by my favourite Taehyung.

Here's leaving you with BTS's recent single Mic Drop as we all look forward to products from this new partnership...


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