Top 8 Showcases You Must Visit At AFA Singapore 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) has returned to Singapore again at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 406, from 25th November (Friday) to 27th November (Sunday).

From my experience today at the festival, there seems to be greater focus on showcases than last year.
To avoid mental stress trying to navigate between booths and stages through thousands of anime fans at the festival, here are my Top 8 recommended showcases that you must visit.

1. Kodansha VR Idol "Hop Step Sing!" booth at A188

If you are looking for an upgrade experience to your typical idol anime, Idol anime VR, a system that takes you for an immersive idol anime experience may be what you need. Similar to THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution for Playstation VR, this system works using Steam VR instead, with an original cast of characters.

2. BANDAI Model Kit at booth A21 & A24

There is a life size Gundam model for photo opportunity but the real star is the 1/60 scale Premium Bandai featuring Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex in Perfect Grade on display. You can get this limited edition, shiny gold coating model kit at SGD550 with free shipping if you pre-order at the booth during the festival.

3. KOTOBUKIYA at booth A09

Frame Arms Girl reminds me of KanColle. Assembled in a similar fashion to Gundam models but with more customization in terms of weaponry, these kawaii plastic model kits have been well received so far since its launch in 2015.  Do note that the new models HRESVELGR (SGD64.99) and INNOCENTIA (SGD44.99) are coming out in January and March 2017 respectively. There will also be a anime release scheduled in 2017.

4. Sword Art Online at booths A29 & A35 

Sword Art Online has two booths (A29 & A35) this year. One of them features life size cut-outs of Kirito and Asuna dressed in costumes related to different countries such as Singapore, Germany and South Korea. Other products related to the new movie, Sword Art Online The Movie - Ordinal Scale -, were on sale at the booths. There was also a special anime showcase for the movie featuring Kanae Ito and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the VAs of Yui and Kirito respectively.

5. Ghost Parade at Booth A89

Ghost Parade, a new game by Indonesian company Lentera, is currently in the beta stage. The game is about a young girl who gets lost in a forest on her way to school and meets many different ghosts. The ghosts are friendly and this young girl helps them by solving their problems. Players also get to "collect" the ghosts and learn more about their underlying legends, and in the end, they shall see that perhaps these mysterious legends aren't as scary as what we often make them out to be.

The game currently focuses on Indonesian ghosts and spirits, but is intending to expand to include other Asian legends as well. The game is expected to launch early 2017.

To show support for Ghost Parade, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram, Official Line account or their page. You can also find out more at their webpage.

6. Cool Japan at Booth A105

Robi, a easy-to-assemble part-work robot from Japan standing at 34cm in height and weighing 1kg, was on showcase during the festival under Cool Japan (Booth A105) together with RoBoHon, a robot smartphone by SHARP.

Also at the booth are 5 recommended Apps and 88 Japanese animation spots (seichi) selected for anime fans.

7. WAKUWAKU Japan at Booth A97

Want to have a chance to meet & greet Pikotaro also known as Mr. PPAP in person? 

If so, you need to join the PPAP challenge by uploading to Instagram of you dressing up as Pikotaro himself and perform PPAP!

8. SONY at Booth A101

Experience Artificial Intelligence at work by interacting in real time with adorable character "Megumi Kato" from "SAEKANO ~How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend~. "MAIN HEROINE KATO MEGUMI"is available for Android App download on Google Play.

Have a Kawaii Sunday!

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