My Virgin Trip To Singapore Turf Club For The Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

Last week I experienced another "FIRST" in my life, spending a fun day amongst friends and horses at the Singapore Turf Club for the Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2016. It was the first time I stepped foot into the premises and also placed a bet on horses, and it was definitely an eye opener!

I dressed up for the event (coz we were invited to the VIP ballrooms), wearing my Irregular Choice pony hair heels to match my red dress, thinking that was formal enough for the event, but imagine my shock when I arrived at the VIP room. Ladies wore floor sweeping gowns, stacked on the jewels and hair pieces, I was just entry level!

The VIP ballroom had buffet arranged for us, but what's fun is that whilst you dine, you can also watch the race in comfort from the screens hanging above or walk over to the side of the room and watch the race from bird's eye view.

After a couple of Dester beers, we were also brought downstairs to check out the horses and their jockeys before the race. 

The horses take on 1 round of parading around, before the jockeys hop on, parade another round before heading over to the racecourse. Apparently this is like a must-do before every race, before you place your bets. This is the best time to assess the horses (if you know how to), see if the horses are in good health, best condition that day and also whether the jockeys look fit for the race too.

So, it's SGD5 to place a bet and you can choose to place as WIN or PLACE. Win means the horse you bet on has to come in first for you to get winnings, whereas Place is as long as the horse you bet on comes within the first to third place, you will get the winnings. But of course, that's subjected to the odds on the horse and when coming to calculating how much is the winning, I'm clueless. I just let the lady at the counter and the computer system do the calculations...

The race started and it was just a round around the course, just a 5 minutes affair. When the race is over, every jockey has to weigh themselves, this has to tally with their weight measurements before the race, to ensure that no one is playing cheat.

All in all, I think it's pretty fun for my "virgin" experience at the Singapore Turf Club. Even though I went home with a $0.10 winning, I think it's exciting when seeing the horse you bet on coming in close to winning.

I think a healthy dose of "betting adrenaline" can be a nice weekend activity and the wide space seems to wash the workday stress away. Check out this pic I took with LG's CAM 360, isn't it beautiful?

Click on pic to see the 360 action.

For more information about the Dester Singapore Gold Cup, please visit: A big thank you to Singapore Turf Club and Dester Beer for the unique experience.

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