Here's To A Better Life!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Sorry, got to protect bro's privacy... :X
I was looking forward to a great new year but these couple of weeks have been a painful moment for me as I've lost my little brother. He was one of the victims in the recent Jiangsu tugboat accident and the whole holding-high-hopes-of-survival to having to sending him off was really too hard for me to get started on writing again.

Thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting, showering care and support, I'm back here writing; and hopefully after "pouring" my heart out, I could get back on track. I've been staring at my computer for days, not really sure how to go on. But seriously, words can never express how much I feel about this loss. Every little thing reminds me of him and each time, it's like someone has dug a hole through my heart.

But by chance, I saw the movie "Book Of Life" and it kinda shook me up. After death, it doesn't mean everything stops. Life has to go on and hey, my bro might be having a party in Paradise, like the characters in the movie.

Right now, friends and family are my priority, treasuring every single second that I have with them. I'm gona live everyday like there's no tomorrow happily, doing what I love. Heck with the minute little things, can't be bothered about what others think and spend my time on the people who needs me more.

All these getting pissed about people stepping on your toes, bloggers' disputes, which celeb is not on terms with which celeb, seemed so irrelevant now. Time is now better put back on living a healthier lifestyle, getting back to do what I love most - painting, as well as caring and sharing more with the community.

Here's urging you all to treasure all the time and loved ones that you have, tell them you love them, hug them, kiss them and try to do more "good"! Cheers to a better life!!!

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