[Get The Look] Rudoph Is Coming To Town This Christmas ~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

It's Christmas Eve and it's time for more parties. You might not have the time to head down to the beauty parlour, so here's a "quickie" to get your nails done in just minutes!

What you need is fine nail art brushes (got this pack from Daiso) or toothpicks, together with 5 different nail polish colours - Black, White, Beige, Brown & Red. I have these OPI mini from previous collections but you can also use other brands'. The mini OPI brushes are easier to work with, since I will be doing delicate drawing...

These are prepped to draw the reindeer shown on my third finger above. First, paint 2 coats of white nail polish as a base on the desired finger.

Then, using the brown nail polish, paint a half moon on 1/3 of your nails. The ears are then drawn on using the fine brushes.

Next, get using the black nail polish, draw on the antlers. Try not to be symmetrical and you simply draw them as though drawing tree branches!

Next comes the finishing touches, super easy to do. Simply give Rudolph his infamous big red nose, and using white nail polish, dot 2 white dots for his eyes and a little dot on the side of his nose for the shine.

Afterwhich, it is 2 small black dots for his eyeballs and 2 beige dots on each side of his cheek to give him some cartoon cuteness. Top it off with a nice layer of top coat to seal it all in and you are set to go!

For the snow flake nails, it is simply drawn with this simple white nail polish stripper I got from Essence Cosmetics and the glittery nails are simply 2 coats of this lovely nail polish from Etude House shown below- #249.

But hey, if you want simple Frozen-esque nail manicure, you can also have this glittery nail polish over different shades of nail polish. Play with the colours and I bet you will be surprised by the effects!

So here's my little tutorial on getting Rudolph into your Christmas partying. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and have a great time with your friends and family! Be sure to check back as I will be sharing more looks for the upcoming New Year celebrations! Muahz!!! <3

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