All Things Kawaii At Anime Festival Asia AFA 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

Were you at Anime Festival Asia AFA 2014? It was an amazing day for me as I had a great time snapping pictures of the cosplayers as well as checking out the displayed figurines. It's all so kawaii and I can't help speaking in Japanese when there. Hehehehehe...

Walking into the hall, I was already attracted to the GUNDAM Wall of Fame. There's so many of them in their different models, I just kept pointing them out to hubby... LOL!

Opposite that is the display for The IdolM@ster. They started as an idol producing game in 2005, meant for arcade game machines in amusement centres, and gamers were placed in the role of the producer and given the opportunity to produce their chosen idol to stardom. With a large, varied cast and a plethora of accompanying music, the game garnered great support, and next year in 2015, THE IDOLM@STER will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The franchise has also expanded from a console game into various other media such as comics, radio, a televised anime series and live events. So there were also some costumes from the live performances displayed at AFA.

Next up was my favourite! Sailor Moon!!!!

You guys may have seen these beautiful eyeliners in Watsons Singapore, but this Crystal Brooch compact powder and Moon Stick lipstick is exclusively brought in from Japan and after craving for them for so long, I knew, I couldn't leave for home without them. It's my favourite all-time anime and who don't wana transform into Sailor Moon?!

And whilst on the subject of Sailor Moon and its celebration of 20th anniversary, there were also tons of Sailor Moon memorabilia on sale at the Bandai booth.

Of course, there's alot more at the Bandai booth, with more Gundam figurines as well as Mask Rider, Dragonball and Mario figurines too!

The displayed Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll booth was packed with fans. It's no wonder, coz this highly animate-able, realistic looking dolls are so detailed and life like. Check out the Canon camera prop, it's as though you can start snapping pictures with it! 

And who remembers Death Note? It's now made into a musical! I wonder would they be having a special tour here in Singapore, I would love to catch it! Wonder how the real life L will look like Kenichi Matsuyama... >.>

When it comes down to gaming, Cherry Credits is one of the leading mobile game and their latest game - Puzzle Coin Hunter has been peeled to the game, not letting go of my phone at all. I can play this game for hours! They were giving away this cute thumbdrive for those who can hit the high score!

Their other game - Million Arthur also added new characters and one special one was the AFA character - Seika. She's so adorable, how can you miss it right?!

Of course, for gamers, PlayStation has unveiled the limited PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition at AFA 2014. They have also announced “PlayStation® 20th Anniversary Online Contest” whereby fans have to use their creativity to win a purchase pass to purchase the limited edition PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition. I'm still thinking should I get one... Should I?

There was so much happening at AFA and here's more photos from my visit... Stay tuned in MAarch 2015 as Anime Japan: Anime Japan 2015 work together with AFA to cross-promote and introduce AFA to visitors during the event. Anime Japan 2015 will feature a new area to target trade visitors keen to discuss business collaborations and programmes.It will happen between 21st and 22nd March 2015.

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