Days without internet.

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Hi guys!

I'm finally back!

My modem's been a biatch for me this whole week, and I had to survive on the small little portable type of modem for internet. I couldn't do so many things, even checking emails were a problem for me. Therefore, the "M-I-A".

Don't ya guys find it so weird that we have grown so used to internet over the years? I dun tink I was so internet frenzied during my pri school days when internet was 'scarce'. And funny, these days, it's part of my everyday life. I felt so handicapped when I couldn't check emails, surf the net, Facebook, stream my videos etc.

Do you guys feel this way too? Technology seems to have taken over so much eh? But what the heck, I'm back and so are more pictures and blog updates. Yipee!

I'll kip this short and sweet as I still have a wedding gown fitting tml. Stay tuned for more updates!

Christina aka Huney

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