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Hi guys,

I just read about an Australian editor, Matt Nicholls, was being suspended over his comments in Facebook.

Matt Nicholls, who became editor of the regional Glen Innes Examiner just three weeks ago, allegedly made the comments on the social networking site after Glen Innes-raised Constable Bill Crews was shot dead in a drug raid.

Crews's father is a retired policeman and his mother works as a pre-school teacher in the Glen Innes community in the far north of New South Wales state, 450 kilometres north of Sydney.

Nicholls claimed that the news would help in circulation and commented on Facebook that he would "make the most" out of the tragedy and "there's nothing better than a death to lift circulation". And according to the ABC broadcaster, he had boasted on his Facebook page that he would capitalise on the policeman's death in Sydney to drum up sales of his newspaper.

Fairfax Media, which owns the Glen Innes Examiner, has apologised for the remarks and that they have already suspended the 23-year-old editor and launched an investigation.

"The actions of Matt Nicholls were totally unacceptable and we deeply regret any hurt caused to the family and friends of Constable Bill Crews and the Glen Innes community," and "Mr Nicholls has been stood down from his position as editor, effective immediately.", chief executive of regional publishing Allan Browne said.

Seriously for me, I would have told him to just shut the trap. This kind of thought is definitely a taboo and immoral to even think of! Shame on him. He should be made to do something for the family or made to do social service for years!

So guys, here's a lesson learnt for ya all, especially those who have bosses and colleagues or even the media in their friends list. Watch what you post and sometimes, certain things are better left private or for certain people to hear. Think twice before posting anything on Facebook or the Internet!

Take care~

Christina aka Huney

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