The Most Compatible Celebrity Couple

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Hi guys,
I bet everyone has their ideal/most compatible celebrity couple that they "look up" to or in my case, wana be as blissful as them.

Who's my "them" u ask? It's definitely Heidi Klum and Seal! I've been loving Heidi Klum since her Victoria Secrets days. Sexy body, perfect features, flawless skin and a superbly cannot resist German accent. And seeing how romantically in love the couples are simply made me envy them.

Let's hear their story before I continue, shall we?
The relationship of Heidi Klum, a German supermodel, and Seal, a soul singer, started in the year 2004.
She was pregnant with Flavio Briatore’s baby at the time she met Seal, but she ended the relationship with this F1 mogul months before she met Seal. A photograph of Briatore kissing the jewelry heiress, Fiona Swarovski was shown on the day she announced that she was pregnant, and this happened in the autumn of 2003.

The Meeting

The two  met at the GQ Awards, which was held in London, but it was weeks later in a New York City hotel lobby that they had another chance encounter noticed one another.

It was  the first time that Seal laid eyes on Heidi Klum because he was stunned and by everything about her, especially Klum’s exotic beauty. The thing that came to his mind then was that, whoever was dating the supermodel was one lucky guy. Little did he know though that he was going to be that lucky guy he was thinking of.

Heidi Klum, on the other hand, stated that the first thing that she noticed about Seal, who just came in from the gym, was that he was wearing bicycle shorts and was promptly impressed.   :X

The Relationship

Soon after the chance meeting, the two hooked up and began dating exclusively, and a month later Heidi Klum admitted to Seal that she was pregnant with Briatore’s child and that she has already broken up with the father of the baby. Pregnant or not, it did not matter to Seal because he truly loves her.

When Heidi Klum gave birth to her daughter on May 2004, Leni, and Seal promptly assumed the role of the baby’s father. 1 year later, the couple quietly got married on the beach in Seal’s villa, which is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Subsequently, the couple had two boys to add to their daughter.
When they were asked about what their secret in keeping the flame alive, guess what Seal's reply was? "Always put each other first"!

Now I know how he won her over. And seeing the paparazzi photos, they are definitely very much still in love and he treated her superbly. Can you believe they actually renewed their vows on their 4th Anniversary this year. Wonderful eh?

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Christina aka Huney

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