Craving For Gong Cha @ Pop-Up Shilin Market Again

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Hi Huneybees,

Yes I'm up and awake, all excited and craving for another cup of Gong Cha from the Shilin Market pop-up at Turf Club. Knowing that Gong Cha has made an exclusive collaboration with my favourite artist - Simone Legno, hubby and I purposely made a beeline over to the special event on the first day last week!

Converted out from an open carpark space at Turf Club, the Shilin Market pop-up really got us all excited as it brought back some fond memories of the Taiwan Street snacks that we missed so much. But sadly, not only was the weather not being that friendly, but it was also overcrowded.

With the food street being packed to the max, it was difficult to maneuver around and with the lack of seatings, we literally wanted to give up and head home instead.

But luckily, the Gong Cha booth saved the day for us. It was well placed right at the entrance of the fairground, with area crowd control well-handled by the friendly Gong Cha staff that kept everyone's morale high despite the rain and overcrowding effect from other stores. 

For Huneybees, Gong Cha booth is made up of 2 different sections, the usual over-the-counter order corner and the Funhouse, with the payment booth smacked in the middle.

You can find Gong Cha x Tokidoki merchandise there as you make payment for your drinks, featuring Boba Bob and Boba Betty on a specially designed tumbler and cup sleeve. There are 3 brand new and exclusive flavours launched at this Shilin Market pop-up, featuring an innovative mix of ingredients beautifully incorporated using the art of ‘茶墨’ (Chá mò), also known as Tea Ink. 

Made popular in Taiwan, ‘茶墨’ refers to the technique of creating a splashed look across the bubble tea cup using strokes of contrasting colours. There's the Rosa Latte, Berry Biscotti ad Bambu Boba waiting for me to try when we return to the Shilin Market pop-up for a second chance this weekend.

Why didn't I try the 3 drinks out? Well, coz we opt for another option that I think was more exclusive to the pop-up event. Hubby and I spent all our time in the 512 sq-metre Funhouse where we got to personalize our very own Boba brews at the DIY stations within the Funhouse’s experiential zones. Kids and those who are looking for insta-worthy shots can also chill out at immersive Boba ball pit. 

Knowing Funhouse at Gong Cha booth was my Tokidoki Wonderland, hubby did not stop me from taking photos at every corner. If only I could wake up to these cutesy designs every morning and make my own cuppa to start the morning, this would definitely be the "blueprint" I would give to my next home decorator!

DIY Gong Cha Brews begin with the payment in the middle booth, then queuing to enter the Funhouse, where you can get a Gong Cha cup to fill up with all your favourite toppings, flavour syrups, and lastly tea brews. The friendly Gong Cha staff will be around to assist. 

For me, I pile up on the Rainbow Jelly, Pearl Boba and gave my Milk Tea a lychee twist before sealing it at the machine for my enjoyment...wee...

The Shilin Night Market will be back for Round 2 at The Grounds @ Kranji, Carpark B at Singapore Turf Club, 1 Turf Club Ave from April 26-28, 3pm-11pm. Admission is free. 

See you there as I will definitely be back for more Gong Cha x Tokidoki goodness and hopefully get to try more of the Taiwan Snacks too!


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