Conquering My Fear Of Heights With Samsung Gear VR #BeFearless

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Hi Huneybees,

Recently, I had the Samsung Gear VR over for Chinese New Year. I had friends and relatives trying out the nifty new gadget whilst playing some loaded VR experiences including the #BeFearless VR app that's suppose to aid those who have fear of heights or fear of talking in front of a crowd. 

*Reminds me of Eun Hwan-ki of "The Shy Boss (내성적인 보스)", have you watched the kdrama? I'm addicted to it! Yeon Woo-jin is cute in his shy ways! *

Ok, back to the Samsung Gear VR, this black Oculus-powered VR headset is a new updated version with some slight changes to its predecessors. It does feel a little heavier than the previous models, but it's definitely wider and easier to fit for my big face, together with vents, it is less likely to fog up the screens whilst playing.

There's also an additional home button, that makes navigation around the Oculus home area super easy and much faster to access too.

With Virtual Reality changing the way of lives, I think there's a lot of room to explore other than just games; practice surgeries, exploring different parts of the world without spending big bucks and even conquering fears!

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When Samsung launched the #BeFearless app to conquer fears, I was eager to jump on the ship and try it out. I tend to chicken out when going to high places, I would always need my hubby's arm to grab tightly on and inch my way around. I always have a habit of standing at the center of escalators or the side that's close to wall for fear of looking down. The ones at ION Orchard where both ends are open spaced always gets on my nerves and I wouldn't use it if there's no hubby to grab on.

After trying out the Fear of Height levels (Cliff Driving, Heli Ski and Suspension Bridge) of the app, I went to "scale" those scary escalators again. I have to admit, I still had little jitter bugs whilst travelling up, but I dared to lean against the open side and look down. So, I guess, the next for me is to try the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk and hopefully conquer the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. WAHAHAHAHAHA!

A little note when using the Samsung Gear VR though, watch where you are going and be aware of your surrounding. I do feel a little giddy after using it, so you might wana have a seat nearby. All in all, I'm looking forward to what the VR world has to offer and hopefully more games and apps will be made for the experience.

You can get your own Samsung Gear VR in stores now and if you want to get more information, go to: Do share what's your VR experience like too and if there are games that you really love. I'm still exploring... 😄

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