Make Your Eyes Sparkle With 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Radiant Contact Lenses

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Hi Huneybees,

I started wearing contact lenses 5 years ago, when I wanted to look pretty for my wedding and cast my nerdy glasses aside for the special day. I've always relied on the ACUVUE OASYS lens due to my astigmatism, but from time to time, when I want to change my eye colour to match with my makeup, I'll try out other colored lens too. 

I've always played safe and stuck to the brands that optometrists carries, but some gets too drying even for a day's wear and they just keep reminding you of their existence as the day passes. What's the point of wearing contact lenses if I want to feel something right?! I might as well stick to wearing my glasses!

Acuvue has been a brand that I stick to for my contact lens and I'm infatuated with their DEFINE range of beauty lenses. Recently, they’ve launched two new designs that have gotten the whole concept of eye contouring down. They draw attention to your eyes even though you have minimal makeup and have not much concept on the eyeshadow contouring.

Meet the Radiant Bright™ and Radiant Charm™ ~

Both new styles are very nuanced, featuring three layers of translucent pigments to add depth to your eyes, very much like the steps of priming, contouring and highlighting. I love how comfortable they are throughout the day, my eyes pop, seeming even brighter and more radiant, especially in photo taking. And what's best is that it is not super obvious and if not purposely staring, you won't notice that I'm wearing beauty contact lenses!

Radiant Bright™ is a lighter shade, with brown and amber tones and a mocha limbal ring to help brighten up your irises. Whereas Radiant Charm™, would be closer to natural pupil colour with a darker limbal ring of grey encircling honey tones; allowing you to create a darker and more enchating look.
I find that both shades are not overpowering and no matter what colour eyeshadow I put on, how colourful or how nude my makeup is, my eyes still pop against the light. In fact, they make my eyes pop even more and seem bigger than usual. You can see the difference from the picture below.
Left: Radiant Bright
Right: Radiant Charm
Left: Original
Middle: Radiant Bright
Right: Radiant Charm
I love that 3D feel of lenses that give my eyes the depth, my eyes look so "awake" when I'm wearing these lenses. Comparing with when I wear those red, green or blue contact lens, it's less "scary", less cosplayer feel, and enlarging my eyes with natural colours. 
Left: Radiant Bright
Right: Radiant Charm
My favourite has got to be the Radiant Charm lenses coz there is more contrast and my skin tone seems fairer as compared to Radiant Bright.  I love that feathering light grey effect along the ridges, making the whites of my eyes whiter as compared to the pupil. Do you agree?
You can feel at ease wearing these lenses as the 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® lenses are the only beauty lenses that have LACREON® Technology that promises 20 hours of moisture with embedded wetting agent for your eyes; and with it’s revolutionary Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ Technology, the lens pigments are enclosed within lens material and definitely will not come in contact with your eyes for safety. Totally my first choice for beauty lenses!
You have got to give these lenses a try. The 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® contact lenses are retailing  from $64 for 1 box. Available at authorised optical practitioners. See for more details.


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