How Will You Celebrate Singapore's 50th?

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Hi Huneybees,

"Yum Seng!!!" That's how we say "Cheers" here in Singapore. Alongside with another 49 icons of Singapore, the Singapore50 (SG50) celebrations kicked off on Friday 24 January 2014. I know this post has been delayed for awhile, but can I say blame it on Chinese New Year? Tehehehehe....

With Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat as the Chairman of the SG50 Sterring Committee as well as Acting Minister for Community Culture and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong as the Chairman of SG50 Programme Office, we were all in celebration for the launch of the official SG50 logo and joined in to the start of the journey towards 2015, to shape Singapore' Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2015.

The SG50 logo that was revealed is the 50th icon of the 2 week long #ICONSOFSG teaser campaign, with "Little Red Dots" appearing all over Singapore, with a unique depiction of a slice of life in Singapore, like the lingo that we speak "LAH", ERP, Durians, Kopi Bag, etc...

The SG50 logo is inspired by the concept of a little red dot and is designed by local designer Jackson Tan, Creative Director of BLACK. He has won numerous prestigious local and international awards, including Designer of the Year in the President's Design Award in 2007.

Not only is the logo a play of the Singapore's "nickname" and its size on the map, it also symbolises Singapore's ability to constantly punch above our weight and our tenacity in overcoming our limitations in size and natural resources.

The logo's kept clean and simple, which also makes it customisable, so that Singaporeans can personalise the logo and make it their own. So here's my very own Huney'Z World SG50 logo made in Singapore!

So, Singapore, the beautiful garden city is celebrating its 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015 and what surprises do you have installed for her? How do you intend to celebrate her 50th? 

I had plans to go around Singapore asking for people to do the Kallang Wave video, what do you think? If you have ideas of your own, why not contribute them directly at the SG50 website, or in collection boxes located island-wide at community centres, public libraries and museums? The Call for Celebration Ideas period will be ongoing till 23 March 2014, so get cracking!

SG50 Celebration Fund

A SG50 Celebration Fund has also been set up to spur widespread participation in the celebrations and support ground-up ideas for SG50.

Applications will be open to groups of individuals, non-profit organisations, societies and companies registered in Singapore. Successful applications can receive funding of up to 450,000 per project. Projects will be assessed by the SG50 Celebration Fun Evaluation Panel, comprising community and industry experts from the people and private sectors.

For more information on SG50 logo, call for ideas and SG50 Celebration Fund, please visit


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