Chinese New Year Deco

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Hi Huneybees,

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I've been around town snapping photos of the CNY decorations around town, whilst shopping and also Hubby, Issac and I made a special trip down to Chinatown for a stroll...

 It's the Year of the Dragon, so the decorations and and lightings are all dragon-themed.

The Dragon's body stretches through Chinatown and one can even drive under the body!

Check out the queue for Bak Kwa (Roasted Pork Slices).

 Enough of the street decorations. Let's take a look at the stalls and what they are selling.


This one we commented it will look scary at night. Imagine these pairs of sparkling red eyes staring at you when walk past the hall to get a drink in the middle of the night.
These are the famous Chinese Paper Cuttings. Delicate pictures all cut out on a thin piece of red paper.
The Chinese writings are to be pasted on walls to bless the family, for wealth and health.


It's Dragon Year, so there tend to be lots of cute dragon soft toys to tempt customers.

Flowers are a must when decorating our homes and there are lots of fake flowers in the stalls, so that the flowers can be everlast.

There's also there Twisted Bamboos (Zhuan Yun Zhu) which means luck changing bamboo. It's auspicious to have them at home as they will change your luck and may you be lucky in the New Year.

Another must have flower is Plum Blossoms (Left), they are suppose to bless romance especially those who havn't found a partner, this is a must!
These are Pussy Willows. You can only find them during CNY period. They come ina dark brown shell cocooned on stems and when it's ripe, the shells will drop and out pops the cottony flower buds and if you let it ripe even more, leaves and even flowers might blossom. *I will take more photos when the Pussy Willows in my house blossom.*
There's even coloured Pussy Willows!
Fortune Cats which calls luck to your house with their waving left hands.
The Zodiac characters made into figurines for deco.
Cabbage = Vegetables = Cai in Mandarin = Fortune.
My Zodiac character - The Rat.

Coin trees = Wealth growing in your family.
Above are the things you can buy to decorate your house and what's following are the goodies to eat and wear and also a little more on the street's deco... 



Five Finger Gourds.


Preserved Tidbits.

Family Name Chopsticks.
DVDs to play songs and videos to get in the CNY mood.

Windmill to bring luck into the family.

Preserved food that are used for cooking and enhancing dishes.

 Preserved Ducks.

Can you guess these? Their Cow Tongues!

Ham that goes super well when boiling soup. My fav!

I was looking at the balloons that I noticed the SGD1000 note with the Gods of Wealth above the shops. If only it was mine...

The decorations are a plenty and each one means a little something. But a little friendly advice is make sure you walk around, recce a little about the prices before you buy and also don't over decorate your house. It might look to gaudy if you fill the house with too much.

In fact, I'm loving what my mummy dearest do to our house every year. Give you a little sneak peek as to what she has done this year.

Shuan = Keep Counting money. How can you not have this at home right?

Below are the decorations at Great World City and Tiong Bahru Plaza. Guess CNY is all about brightness, red and gold, so that lots of wealth and luck will come to us!

Happy New Year everyone! Gong Xi Gong Xi!


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