UPDATED! Limited Edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design Series Products By Thermos

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Hi Huneybees,

In celebration of its 113th Anniversary, Thermos Singapore has just launched its Limited Edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design Series Products - a one-push tumbler with Singapore’s iconic landmarks, and a food jar with drawings of traditional local food - with the collaboration from Pathlight School.

(From left to right) Ms Linda Kho (Principal, Pathlight School) and Grace Ong (Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) as Jonathan Cai (Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) presents his own artwork as a token of appreciation to Mr Hirokazu Otomo (Managing Director, Thermos Singapore) and Mr Seiichi Itoh (Chairman, Thermos Singapore).

Working for the first time with the Artist Development Programme from Singapore's first autism-focus school has not only resulted in the creation of two very distinct and beautifully designed products for Thermos Singapore, but also contributed to Thermos' corporate social responsibility to the community.

Through the collaboration, Thermos Singapore is able to uncover the talented artists - like Jonathan Cai and Grace Ong - among young people with special need by bringing their arts to the home and hearts of its customer.

During my short interaction with both young artists at the media session, I realised while both share great passion for arts and are very meticulous in their artwork, their styles are very different.
The style of Jonathan Cai is more structured - lines and curves -  as he prefers architecture and takes his inspiration from books and magazines while Grace Ong's style is more free flow and she takes her inspiration from the things she experienced and observed around her. In fact through Grace mum, I got the privilege to see her art portfolio and came to realisation she has great interest in jewellery design and hope one day her designs could be wore by many people!

The two Singapore Exclusive Local Design Thermos X Pathlight School premium product - JNL-400S & JBQ-400S

The Thermos® JNL-400S

Featuring detailed architectural line art of the Marina Skyline, by the hands of the 13 years old Artist, Jonathan Cai, the ultra-light and sleek tumbler showcases iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands.

The Thermos® JBQ-400S

Singapore Exclusive Local Design Food Jar pays tribute to Singapore’s rich heritage of local delights. Grace Ong, who is 15 years old, transforms the food jar into a chic canvas with an assortment of local traditional foods such as Kueh Tutu, Kueh Lapis and Lepat Kacang in gold

Jonathan Cai  and Grace Ong (Both Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) showing off the one-of-a-kind big size bottle for the charity auction

Jonathan Cai  and Grace Ong (Both Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) putting their final touches on a one-of-a-kind big size bottle for the charity auction

To extend Thermos Singapore's support for many more young differently-abled aspiring artists, the global manufacturer and the pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated products will be donating two specially designed big size bottles  - The Thermos® FDH-2005, which has a large capacity 2.0L - for a charity auction. 
Each bottle is specially hand-drawn by none other than the talented Jonathan Cai and Grace Ong!

Calling out to all Huneybees, please do your part too by participating in this online auction, which will start from 27 July 2017, 3:00pm till 31 August 2017, 11:59pm at www.thermos.com.sg/events/charity.

All proceeds for this charity auction will be donated to Pathlight School's parent charity, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), a non-for-profit organization that supports individuals with autism.
More details of the auction can be found on the website.


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