McDonald's Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill Promotion: Make It 1-For-1

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm married and officially I am Mrs Chua now. After much dieting and stressing over the wedding preparations, we were glad McDonald's came up with a new set of menu and we decided to indulge.

And thanks to a friend, I was given this wonderful deal and I would like to share with ya guys.

McDonald's "Make It 1 for 1 promotion" for Teppanyaki McGrill is now available!!
All you need to do is just to Present a printout of this coupon to the counter and you can enjoy 1 for 1 Teppanyanki Chicken McGrill. Valid from 1st March till 7th March 2011.

 A little pictures to tempt ya guys...

Click to link to the website.

 We got our 1 for 1 burger!

 The bun reminds me of Ciabatta.

 See how juicy the chicken is?

 A little summary of what the burger is.

Ingredients of Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill:
No Patties. Only 100% chicken thigh meat marinated with teriyaki sauce.
Freshest whole-leaf lettuce & Succulent blushing red tomatoes.
Bakery style sourdough Bun & Chargrill Sauce.

Taken off one of the tables at the fast food restaurant.

The Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill is sold at $5.50 (a la carte) and $8.00 as an Extra value meal.
The next thing you should try is the Honey Chipotle Shaker Fries. It's a little sweet with a hint of pepper.

Hurry down to your nearest Mcdonald's restaurant or call for a delivery 6777 3777 now!

Christina aka Huney

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